Family of mum who died in childbirth blames hospital

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 13 August, 2014, 6:40pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 13 August, 2014, 6:40pm

A woman in Xiangtan county, Hunan, died in child birth on Sunday, and her family is holding the hospital responsible for her death, reports, a news website run by Hunan Daily.

The victim’s husband alleges that doctors and nurses all “disappeared” after the woman’s death, leaving her corpse on the table in the operating room for hours.

Relatives of the woman reportedly broke into the operation room, only to find her body lying on the table, with no medical staff in sight. Her husband said he saw his wife, naked on the table with blood in her mouth and tears in her eyes.

A few non-medical workers were allegedly eating areca and smoking cigarette in the same room.

“If the hospital had been more responsible, the tragedy could have been prevented,” he was quoted by the news website as saying.

The hospital said on Tuesday that the woman died because of massive bleeding during child birth and the hospital had done everything possible to save her, but failed. She delivered a boy, who is alive and healthy.

Her family could not accept her death and set up a funeral in the hospital’s lobby, adversely affecting the treatment of other patients.

A county government spokesman said they had established an expert team to investigate.

The county health department issued a statement on its Sina Weibo account on Wednesday, saying that an investigation on the cause of the woman’s death by the department and the Justice Bureau was under way.

According to the statement, the woman started vomiting and coughing after the baby was delivered. The hospital took emergency measures but failed to save her. She died of multiple organ failure at 9.30pm, triggered by the amniotic fluid that entered her blood stream.

Footage aired on the local Public City Channel, showed a crowd of relatives gathering at the hospital on Sunday night.

Yang Jian, vice-president of the hospital, denied the collective disappearance of the medical staff in an interview with the TV channel. He said doctors and nurses probably had left because of the family members’ overreaction outside the operating room. He insisted there were workers on duty in an office on the same floor, but TV footage showed the office was empty.

The station reported that representatives of the county government, health department and the hospital met with the woman’s relatives on Monday, but did not reach an agreement.

The hospital did not apologise or mention possible compensation during the meeting, only insisting that they had tried their best to save the woman’s life, the report said.