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Beijing to talk tough to US on military encounters

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 August, 2014, 4:03am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 August, 2014, 10:24am

Chinese military officers were likely to square up to the United States in talks at the Pentagon over the rules of behaviour between the two countries' armed forces, mainland analysts said.

The talks, which began yesterday, were originally agreed as an attempt to improve military ties, but observers said they would be overshadowed by mutual suspicion reflected in the close encounter last week between a Chinese fighter jet and a US Navy surveillance plane in international airspace off Hainan.

"China will likely be hitting back at US criticism and maintain that it is legitimate for the Chinese military to take action if it believes national security is under threat," said Yue Gang, a military commentator and retired PLA colonel.

Beijing was expected to tell Washington that foreign military planes flying within its economic zone, or within 200 nautical miles of the coast of China, would be deemed as putting national security at risk, Yue said.

The talks are the latest contact between the two militaries designed to contain the risk of confrontation as China flexes its military muscle and plays a bigger security role in the Asia-Pacific region, resulting in more encounters with US forces.

Beijing and Washington exchanged tough rhetoric but gave contrasting accounts of the encounter eight days ago between a US Navy P-8 Poseidon antisubmarine and reconnaissance plane and a Chinese J-11 jet over the South China Sea.

The Pentagon said the jet came within nine metres of the US aircraft and that Chinese aircraft had made three other close intercepts this year. The Defence Ministry in Beijing said the US allegations were "totally untenable".

A US State Department spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said Washington operated "in a transparent manner". "We make other countries, including China, aware of our plans," she said.

Ni Lexiong, a Shanghai-based military affairs commentator, said Chinese military officials would demand that US aircraft do not "provoke" China.

"The basic message is that China will take actions to protect its interests, even though Beijing is willing to continue dialogue with the US," he said.

Yue said a series of incidents between the two militaries had pushed them to increase dialogue, reducing the risk of military miscalculation.

The guided-missile cruiser USS Cowpens and a PLA vessel accompanying China's sole aircraft carrier the Liaoning nearly collided in December. "Both sides need to tell each other that they have no intention of challenging the other side," said Yue.


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Chinese & Russia are more Super than US
A Matsui
Looks like China have made the right strategic decision to increase military spending by double digits for the last decade in order to catch up with the US. And as the professionalism, training and war fighting ability of the PLA improves, together with the introduction of advanced hardware, very soon China will be fully able to defend her legitimate interests and to project power towards the Americas. I'm sure most people will welcome Chinese bases and surveillance flights from the west coast to the east coast as well as the Gulf of Mexico. We certainly look forward to the day when China can help defend against the neighbourhood bully!
Wow. China’s reaction: America is a “disgusting thief spying over his neighbor’s fence.”
First the famous anti-China military scholar Bill Gertz played his “danger close” speech for the Washington Free Beacon.
And then the Pentagon also followed and said that it was a “dangerous intercept”. The White House called it “deeply worrying provocation”.
Adm. John Kirby, the DoD spokesman, said Washington protested to the Chinese military through diplomatic channels, and called the maneuvers “unsafe and unprofessional.”
Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes said it was “obviously a deeply concerning provocation and we have communicated directly to the Chinese govt our objection to this type of action.”
Such remarks by the world’s largest hegemonic force & biggest rogue country are laughable.
*Their various reconnaissance aircraft have been wandering around foreign airspace for decades and watching the military secrets of other countries like a disgusting thief spying over his neighbor’s fence.*
However, when the neighbor comes back with a big stick, the thief will turn tail & run away, blaming the neighbor.
When you show people weakness, they'll bully you. When you show people strength, they'll respect you.
*USA has lost face & does not want to show the world they are sick. They have been lording over other countries for so long, and they will never let it go after they eat this loss.*
By SIMON BLACK (at SovereignMan .com), Aug 23, 2014
Why US spy plane is near Hainan Island?
Only utter fools would consume US rubbish
about its military professionalism and code of conduct
like coprophagists in a cesspool
With never a thought to address the asymmetry
by sending johnnies and tommies to jungles and deserts
similariy equipped as their opponents
in IndoChina and in the “middle” east
with neither air support nor advanced weaponries
it was the evil trumpet they used to blow
that guerrillas not donning military uniform were cowards
That was until they got stealth bombers and drones
The Pacific version of the Caribbean Crisis now being unfolded
will be quite different from the 1962 original
But let’s review the “ground” of US interventions
and the withdrawal of its missiles from Italy and Turkey
Ant Lee
You cannot help but think the Chinese government operates under the same mindset of North Korean government. Most people will feel safer if the open sea is guarded by the US rather than Chinese or Russian or North Korean.
Western Hypocrisy. Western Double-Standards. You people, get off our lawn, we don't want your military aircraft flying near the boarders of China- it's not "International Waters" when the purpose of that flight was to survey China's territory to point out geographical weakness.
Just imagine what kind of uproars the army of those giant corporate or mainstream media (MSM) across the both ends of the Atlantic may be spitting all over Planet Earth supposed any Russian or Chinese reconnaissance aircraft is flying in the international waters nearby the Florida beach or Diego Garcia.
But in actuality, no ship or plane can come close to 200 km of the US coastline. The US navy even stops ships in open seas. Where the US sails or flies, that is international. But whatever they do, you cannot try it at home on USA. It's so-called the American's EXCEPTIONALISM.
It's called EXCEPTIONALISM, because they are the CHOSEN (TM) people. Whatever the USSA decides to do is right, whenever anyone mirrors their actions is wrong.
Conveniently and illogically, the US narrative is habitually claimed more "credible", and accepting it supposedly more "realistic". Critics of US policies and its EXCEPTIONALISM are made out to be "unrealistic" and "biased".
When the US dollar is about as valuable as toilet paper things will start changing.
Tim Zone
The US should start working for peace and security instead of inciting conflicts.




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