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Month of commemorations of China's 1945 victory over Japan begins

Top leaders to launch a month of commemorations of the end of second Sino-Japanese war in 1945 and remembrance for victims of atrocities

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 03 September, 2014, 4:49am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 03 September, 2014, 12:14pm

Top leaders will attend a ceremony in Beijing today to commemorate the 69th anniversary of China's victory in the anti-Japanese war, also called the second Sino-Japanese war, which ended in 1945.

It is the country's first commemoration since September 3 was designated Victory Day earlier this year. It also marks the start of a busy month, with another two high-profile remembrances - the 83rd anniversary of the Mukden incident that was the pretext for Japan's 1931 invasion of China on September 18 and the newly established Martyrs' Day on September 30.

Chinese leaders are not trying to put more pressure on tense relations
Lin Xiaoguang, Central Party School

The Ministry of Civil Affairs on Monday unveiled the names of the first 300 martyrs - defined as people who gave their lives for national independence and prosperity since the first opium war with the British in 1840. Of that batch, 152 died during the second Sino-Japanese war from 1937 to 1945, 94 were from the Kuomintang-run army and 10 were foreign nationals, including Japanese pacifist Hideo Miyagawa. Jiang Shangqing, the adopted father of former president Jiang Zemin, was also given the honour.

In February, the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, the national legislature, designated September 3 to mark victory over Japan and December 13 as a memorial day for Nanking massacre victims. In August it also approved the establishment of Martyrs' Day on September 30.

Lin Xiaoguang, an international relations expert at the Central Party School, said the series of commemorations was "long overdue" because the Chinese public needed to remember their wartime history.

"Chinese leaders are not trying to put more pressure on already tense Sino-Japanese relations … and such commemorations of history should not fan hatred," he said. He cautioned that rising nationalism could again prompt violent marches if no precautions were taken.

Beijing and Tokyo are locked in an acrimonious dispute over a cluster of islands in the East China Sea known as the Diaoyus in China and Senkakus in Japan, which controls the islands. There are fears the commemorations could fuel nationalist sentiment.

The commemorations began quietly, with media regulators ordering major broadcasters to show patriotic anti-Japanese dramas until the end of October.

Meanwhile, fifth-grade students in Jiangsu province became the first on the mainland to receive official textbooks detailing the Nanking massacre.

The 55-page textbook comprises 10 stories about the Japanese military invasion on December 13, 1937 of the former Chinese capital, which today uses the post-war pinyin spelling Nanjing . China estimates some 300,000 civilians and soldiers were raped or murdered during the following six weeks.


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Daniel Lee
The commemorations of China's 1945 victory over barbarous and cowardly Japan should serve as a reminder that peace comes at a terrible cost. The Japanese who were barbarians and cowards were soundly defeated by a righteous cause to destroy fascism and barbarism. This is a lesson for all especially the revisionist Japanese like Shinzo Abe and other Japanese that still glorify wars and white-washes their barbaric history. 1945 let off the Japanese lightly. The next time the barbarians like Shinzo Abe pulls something similar it will definitely be an extinction event for Japan.
M Miyagi
China fought the barbarous Japanese for 14 years and sent to the Yasukuni War Shrine more than 3 million of the Japanese invaders, tying down 2/3 of Japanese forces, despite not having the right equipments. The US with better weapons than the Chinese were trashed by the Japanese who sent the **** McArthur packing. If Japan did not surrender on Aug 15, 1945 it would have been invaded by the Soviet Union and Japanese today wouldn't have the Yasukuni War Shrine, the **** emperor system and all the war criminals would have been hanged and the mongrels like Shinzo Abe wouldn't have been born.
Rather than getting into separating reality from myth, I'll just quote the oft used CCP mantra: Seek truth from facts.
Maybe one day it'll happen in China.
Yeah, the United States defeated Imperial Japan. If we go by that logic then the Soviet Union defeated Nazi Germany and no one else can take credit. More than half of all Japanese casualties were suffered in fighting in China. Though of course the Americans can claim more ships and planes.
Smart people know to share their victories, otherwise, no one will share the next war with you, at least not on your side.
China's victory?? What have you been smoking? The USA won the war, nobody else.
This is not correct. It must be called "allied victory" over Japan. It was in fact the US that defeated Japan.
A Kuro
The Imperial Japanese fascist military unconditional surrendered to China 69 years ago. The buggero Japan MF shitted their pants when faced with a Soviet invasion. The Japanese war criminal God Emperor Hirohito dishonoured his barbarous ancestors and false gods and surrendered like a mongrel. in the face of total annihilation the Japanese cowardly surrendered. Today the descendants of these Japanese mongrels are back running their crime syndicates, prostituting themselves to their American master, defiling their culture and nation. These Japanese are an accursed people and will eventually be destroyed by divine wrath along with their puppet war monger master US.
Let’s say that you were bullied around by a smaller kid in kindergarten. He would beat you up and humiliate you. The only reason you made it out alive was because this huge kid from second grade clocked the bully into submission while you were unconscious from yet another recent beat-down.

If that happened to you, the last thing you would want to do is to constantly remind people of your kindergarten days.
Please don't let facts get in the way of a good propaganda brainwash.
China didn't defeated Japan in history and will never be in present day either...It was the United States that make the Japanese to surrender...This so-called victory day by communist China are simply a propaganda of hatred toward Japan...Communist China is the present day aggressor and bullying smaller neighbouring countries in the Southeast Asian nation..They're so evil, greedy and trying to grabbing islands that doesn't belongs to them...Communist China are so corrupt and rubbish...All illegal activities such as drug traf****, gambling and prostitution are being operate and protected by the communist government....What kind of patriotism action are they trying to show here.. SIMPLY A FILTHY AND RUBBISH PROPAGANDA JUST TO SHIFT THEIR ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC...IDIOT AND STUPID...



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