One hurt after shell fired in Myanmar clashes lands near hotel in China border town

Explosion came amid renewed fighting between rebels and government troops in the Kokang region of Myanmar

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 09 March, 2017, 10:27am
UPDATED : Thursday, 09 March, 2017, 10:32am

A shell fired during fighting between government troops and rebels in Myanmar has exploded about 100 metres across the border in China with one person reported injured.

The shell landed near a hotel in Nanshan in Zhenkang county in Yunnan province on Wednesday afternoon, a rebel military source in Myanmar said.

“A Chinese civilian was believed to be injured, but his or her condition is unknown,” the source added.

A worker at the Anran Hotel confirmed that a shell had landed near the building.

30 dead as intense fighting breaks out in Myanmar-China border town

“The hotel building was not damaged. We remain fully booked and there is no sign of evacuation,” said the employee, who declined to give their name.

Fresh fighting broke out on Monday between government troops and rebels in the Kokang region of northeastern Myanmar.

Rebels in the Myanmar Nationalities Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) launched the offensive after heavy attacks by government forces in the area, according to one source.

At least 30 people have been killed in the fighting on the border.

The clashes are among the worst in the Chinese-speaking Kokang region since fighting two years ago left scores dead and forced tens of thousands to flee across the border into China.

Who and what are behind Myanmar’s long-running civil war on China’s doorstep?

Artillery and small arms fire continued throughout Wednesday in the town of Laukkai in the Kokang region.

“The MNDAA broke into Laukkai also to send warnings to Chinese traitors in the area who helped guide the Myanmar army,” the source said.

Several people were injured after two shells hit Nanshan during fighting across the border in Myanmar two years ago.