My austere Chinese wedding: 20 types of banquets off the menu for China’s Communist Party cadres

Officials should organise their own meals on trips to villages and luxury weddings are no-nos

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 August, 2016, 2:03am
UPDATED : Monday, 29 August, 2016, 11:16am

Communist Party officials and cadres have been told to avoid attending 20 types of banquets as authorities crack down on extravagant spending.

A People’s Daily article available on social media made the call on Sunday after the anti-graft watchdog in Shandong said 2,725 cadres in the province had been dealt with for violating rules on spending, including 212 cases of using public money for meals.

China's graft-busters tighten regulations on cadres' banquets

The article said that before accepting an invitation, cadres had to ask who was paying, who the other guests would be and where a banquet was being held.

Civil servants are prohibited from joining private clubs, and are not allowed to entertain others or receive invitations at high-end entertainment venues
People’s Daily article

“Civil servants are prohibited from joining private clubs, and are not allowed to entertain others or receive invitations at high-end entertainment venues,” it said.

The article listed 20 types of banquets that cadres should avoid, including those organised by civil servants.

When cadres were making trips to villages, they should arrange their own meals, the article said. If they needed to attend a banquet organised by village officials, they should pay for it.

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Officials should not attend banquets organised by business groups, and should not demand that private companies pay for their meals.

Luxurious weddings and funerals were to be banned, the article said, adding that such events should be held in a simple way.

President Xi Jinping has pursued a massive anti-corruption campaign since coming to power more than three years ago, including a crackdown on wasteful spending.

Here is the full list of 20 no-nos regarding banquets:

1. Party officials should not attend official reception in lavish style,

2. Should not host banquet that is not related to their official duty,

3. Should not use public money to host banquet to receive other departments within the same city or county,

4. Should not demand low level government unit to host banquet reception,

5. Should not attend banquet organised in other cities that is not related to official duty,

6. Should not receive reception organised by village unit,

7. Should not attend banquet hosted by private companies, or they should pay for it if they really need to attend,

8. Should not demand private companies to pay for their meals,

9. Should avoid paying meals for other officials in business trips,

10. Should not use public money to pay for late night meal,

11. Should reject banquet hosted by people that may have conflict of interest, and should always be alerted about their motives of hosting banquet,

12. Should not join banquet that will affect the execution of official duty,

13. Should not use public money to pay for guests in functions that have nothing to do with their official duty,

14. Should avoid receiving private guests in the reception venue of government unit,

15. Should avoid lavish meals in reception venue of government unit,

16. Should not attend banquets in private clubs and high end venues,

17. Should not join banquet hosted by alumni or townsmen group that is aimed at creating small factions or gangs,

18. Should not attend lavish wedding or funeral,

19. Should avoid banquet that is aimed receiving gift money, and

20. Should avoid banquet that may affect the image of civil servants.