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Parents accuse Chinese police of killing their son during interrogation

Surveillance footage from inside police station in Dali, Yunnan province shows officers beating and restraining Peng Mingjing before his death

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 27 July, 2016, 4:52pm
UPDATED : Wednesday, 27 July, 2016, 4:52pm

The elderly parents of a 36-year-old Chinese traveller are blaming police brutality for the death of their son in Dali, Yunnan province, according to

Chinese death in custody raises family and public fears of police brutality

Peng Jianxin, the father of Peng Mingjing, told the news portal that his son travelled alone from his home in Wuhan, Hubei province to Dali in early March, to sightsee at Cang Mountain and Erhai Lake.

Some two weeks later, the elderly couple saw the body of their son in the Dali city morgue, showing multiple injuries from head to toe.

Records show that Peng was arrested the day before he died for inciting provocation.

The parents were told by Dali judicial officials and police that their son died during interrogation at a Dali police station. Police allege that Peng had committed vandalism, including to a vehicle and a personal computer.

The parents saw silent surveillance footage from within the interrogation room showing that their son had clearly received brutal treatment in the final hours of his life. One policeman was shown standing on Peng’s feet as well as beating him with his elbow, while another, plain-clothed officer was seen forcing a motorcycle helmet onto Peng’s head.

The Dali public security bureau says Peng’s injuries were self-sustained, resulting from police applying legal restraining measures such as handcuffs, a motorcycle helmet and the binding of the suspect’s feet.

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In June, an autopsy conducted by Dali police concluded that Peng had not consumed drugs or alcohol. It said Peng died from poor liver function and a cardiac arrest caused by stress.

A third-party inquiry is being conducted by the city procuratorate.

Chinese police arrested over mysterious death in custody of young Beijing father