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Wild animals slaughtered live on internet channel by group in China

Broadcasts which featured acts of animal cruelty were halted by the police, but are now back on, according to newspaper report

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 18 August, 2016, 3:18pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 18 August, 2016, 3:18pm

A group in eastern China who slaughter wild animals live on the internet, some for cash donations, are broadcasting again after their online streaming sessions were briefly shut down this week, according to a newspaper report.

Police issued “administrative penalties” on Wednesday against the group, which operates in Yichun in Jiangxi province, but the broadcasts have resumed, the Southern Metropolis News reported.

The report gave no details of what punishments were enforced.

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The group has been broadcasting presenters killing animals on the Six Rooms live-streaming site since June, the report said.

Among the animals killed have been rabbits, snakes and wild boars.

The broadcasts have also shown acts of cruelty such as animals butchered and skinned while still alive or having lit cigarettes forced into their mouths, according to the article.

One presenter with the username “Mengzi” makes a living killing animals by receiving gifts online that can be later converted into cash.

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He has earned about 96,000 yuan (HK$ 112,000) since June, the report said.

“I won’t slaughter the animals if the gifts are not enough,” he was quoted as saying in one broadcast.

He sometimes sends the furs of animals he has skinned to people who donate gifts.

A member of an animal cruelty charity in China reported the case to the customer service department of Six Rooms, but the broadcasts were not stopped, according to the report.

Zeng Yan, an animal expert at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told the newspaper that four of the slaughtered animals, including wild boar and stink rat snakes, were classified in China as “beneficial animal species with economic and scientific research value”.

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Six Rooms was quoted in the article as denying that the presenters had hunted protected species.

Anybody hunting wild animals in China, protected species or not, has to have a licence from the authorities, the report said.

The live-streams were halted on Wednesday but resumed at 5pm.

The police are still investigating the case, according to the article.