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Chinese man who has bet on sports lottery for 10 years wins highest prize money recorded in province

PUBLISHED : Friday, 19 August, 2016, 3:51pm
UPDATED : Friday, 19 August, 2016, 3:51pm

A Heilongjiang man won a local sports lottery on Wednesday that paid out more than 58 million yuan (HK$68 million), the highest prize in the province on record, a local news website reports.

The lottery, which was drawn on Wednesday night, was won by a man in Fujin who bet five times on the winning numbers, increasing his prize from 11.64 million yuan to 58.2 million yuan, reported.

The unidentified man, 28, heard he had won from a friend on Wednesday and then took a taxi at about 4am to the centre for sports lotteries in Harbin, 700km from Fujin.

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The man received more than 46 million yuan after tax.

“The first thing I will do is to buy an apartment for my friend who helped me choose the numbers,” he said. His friend picked the numbers from a range the winner had given.

The winner said he would later buy another apartment in Harbin for his parents and grandparents.

With the remaining money left, the man, who works in the service industry in Fujin, said he would quit his job and find projects in southern China and open his own store.

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The man has bet on sports the lottery since 2006 after won 200 yuan on the first ticket he bought. “Two hundred yuan was a great deal to me 10 years ago,” he said.

After he left the centre for sports lotteries on Thursday at noon, he purchased two inexpensive green onion pies for his lunch.