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Ferrari drivers in China make dog’s breakfast of avoiding rambling pup

PUBLISHED : Monday, 29 August, 2016, 1:05pm
UPDATED : Monday, 29 August, 2016, 1:19pm

A wandering dog was the cause of expensive damage to two luxury sports cars in southwestern China, when the driver of one braked suddenly to avoid hitting the animal.

The accident, in which a taxi was also damaged, occurred in Lijiang, Yunnan province, on Saturday morning. Two Ferraris were headed east when the driver in front braked, in an unsuccessful attempt to dodge a dog that wandered onto the road.

The driver of the second Ferrari was unable to respond in time and hit the leading car from behind.

The car then hit a guard rail in the middle of the road, propelling a section of rail into a taxi that was travelling in the opposite direction.

All three cars were damaged and the dog was killed.

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Traffic police who attended the scene said the drivers were not to blame.

“From the traffic monitoring system, none of the three vehicles was speeding. Alcohol tests on the spot showed no traces of alcohol. The three drivers’ licences and insurance were all valid,” a traffic police officer was quoted as saying.

The insurance companies confirmed that the cost of the damage to each Ferrari was around 1 million yuan (HK$1.16 million).

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No pedestrians were involved in the accident and none of the drivers were injured.

A witness said the Ferrari drivers appeared to be in their 30s and seemed calm after the accident.

The owner of the dog was unknown.