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Subway rage? Pregnant woman blocks door of Beijing subway carriage after no one offers a seat

Irate passengers film woman blocking door, preventing train from leaving the station

PUBLISHED : Friday, 02 September, 2016, 2:45pm
UPDATED : Friday, 02 September, 2016, 2:45pm

A pregnant woman in one of Beijing’s busiest subway lines was filmed by other passengers as she sat between the doors of the carriage and the platform, preventing the trains from moving, saying she was angry that no one would give up their seat for her, the Beijing Youth Daily reports.

The minute-long video shows a woman in a black blouse sitting across the gap between the platform and carriage, blocking the train entrance and trying to prevent it from leaving the on Line 10.

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Three staff from the Beijing Subway Company try persuading her to move away from the doors while the woman constantly says she does not care if the train is delayed because of her.

“I won’t get off the train! No one would even offer their seat for me!” she says angrily in the video.

Other passengers can be heard blaming the woman for wasting everyone’s precious time as it was peak hour and they needed to get to work.

“Sitting on the floor like that, how could we tell if you were pregnant and offer our seat?” one passenger comments angrily in the video.

“If you can block the subway doors only because you are pregnant, then does that mean you can block the doors of Tiananmen Square after you give birth?” another commented on Weibo under the news.

Beijing’s increasingly busy subway has seen a corresponding rise in subway rage incidents as daily passenger volume reaches more than a million, and line 10 is the longest and busiest route in the subway system, the company said.

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With overcrowded subway trains, outbursts of aggression from harried passengers are not uncommon. Young women in their twenties account for one-third of all subway fights according to a Beijing Times report.

The train was delayed for several minutes but did not adversely affect subway operations, according to the report.