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Chinese Romeo woos his heart’s desire with pomelos, but gesture fails to bear fruit

Student arranges lavish display of the citrus fruit, and declares his love over a loudspeaker, but target of his affections remained unmoved, says newspaper report

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 September, 2016, 2:48pm
UPDATED : Monday, 05 September, 2016, 2:48pm

A man’s attempt to woo a woman in southern China with a display of hundreds of fruit shaped as a heart failed to impress, according to a newspaper report.

The college student had 999 pomelos arranged on the floor of a shopping centre in Guangzhou on Sunday to declare his love, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

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The man penned 999 love notes for each of the fruit, including one saying “My love is in the pomelo”.

He also asked the fellow student to be his girlfriend by addressing her through a loud speaker.

The woman rejected his advances and told the man she had no feelings for him, according to the article.

It was then agreed that she could give the fruit away to onlookers who had earlier been cheering and taking photographs with their phones.

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The fruit was snapped up within two minutes, the report said.

One woman put several in her baby stroller while another man was seen leaving with five.