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Chinese suicide bomber kills himself and injures wife as he detonates bomb outside court during divorce battle

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 06 September, 2016, 12:16pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 06 September, 2016, 2:37pm

A Chinese suicide bomber going through a bitter divorce killed himself and injured his wife and a bystander after detonating explosives outside the court hearing the case, mainland media reports.

The man was contesting the divorce proceedings and detonated the explosive device he was carrying at 8.52 am on Monday in the city of Jixi, in China’s northern-most province of Heilongjiang, The Beijing News reported.

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A video that recorded the explosion outside Jixi Didao People’s Court was widely circulated on Chinese social media and shows a man lying on the ground following the blast.

Wang reportedly waited until he met his wife outside the court building before setting off the bomb.

He was killed in the blast, but his wife and a bystander, who both suffered injuries, were now out of danger, the report said.

In recent years a number Chinese people have chosen to commit suicide by blowing themselves up in incidents that the authorities said did not have any links to terrorist groups.

Some cases have been in response to what the bombers believe was unfair treatment and others as acts of revenge, media reports said.

The suicide bombers have often set off their explosives at places such as airports and schools.

A series of bombs hidden in parcels killed at least seven people in Guangxi province in October last year.

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In September 2013 a disgruntled migrant worker killed himself and one other person, and injured 44 others, including 22 primary school children, after setting off an explosion outside the school in Guilin after his son was rejected as a pupil.

A wheelchair-bound man killed himself and six others in 2012 after setting off a bomb while meeting local government officials during a dispute over compensation for a work-related spinal injury he suffered in Shandong province.

A man and four bystanders were hurt after he detonated a home-made bomb inside Shanghai’s Pudong International Airport in June.