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Firemen to the rescue after fleeing burglar gets stuck in toilet vent

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 08 September, 2016, 2:51pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 08 September, 2016, 3:05pm

A burglar who became stuck in a toilet vent while trying to flee the scene of his crime had to be rescued by firemen in the northeastern city of Dalian, the Peninsula Morning Post reports.

The man and his partner, aged 28 and 31, locked themselves in a home on the ninth floor of an apartment building in a suburban district of Dalian but were discovered when the resident returned home at noon on Wednesday, the report said.

The resident called the police who broke into his home, and found it empty but with a window open, through which the men had escaped to a toilet on the eighth floor.

Chinese burglar arrested after he got head stuck between window bars escaping from house

One of the man managed to squeeze himself into the vent of the toilet and tried to slip down it but the space was too narrow and he became stuck between the fourth and fifth floors.

His partner was seized by the police in the toilet, and they called firemen to help rescue his trapped and panicking friend, the paper said.

The firemen used hammers, axes and crowbars to break into the vent from the toilet of a third floor home and released the man.

When taken away by the police, the man was very weak, the report said.