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Chinese trio in hot water over bath in Yunnan’s deepest lake

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 18 September, 2016, 6:02pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 18 September, 2016, 6:02pm

Management at a freshwater lake in Yunnan will step up monitoring to prevent “uncivilised behaviour” after photos of a group of women taking a bath in the lake appeared online.

An internet user uploaded pictures of the women last week, showing one shampooing her hair and two others taking a dip in Fuxian Lake.

The lake is the deepest and one of the biggest freshwater water bodies in the province, and is known for its clarity. Bathing in the lake is strictly prohibited.

The Yuxi Chengjiang County Fuxian Lake Administration confirmed the incident occurred at a hot water section of the lake, China News Service reported.

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The administration said it had hired 200 inspectors to stop “uncivilised behaviour” and one in charge of the hot spring section had been punished.

The section would be closed and enforcement stepped up, the report quoted the administration as saying.

Meanwhile, a vandal who spray-painted his name throughout the Guaishishan Scenic Area in Beijing’s Fangshan district over the Mid-Autumn Festival break has apologised for the graffiti, the Legal Evening News reports.

Staff said a 53-year-old man who sprayed “Chen Zhicheng” in red paint in dozens of spots in the park known for its unusual rock formations contacted park management on Saturday.

He said he was into climbing but, being 53, feared he might not climb so high again and wanted to leave a mark, according to the report.

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Park management tried to erase the graffiti but some was still visible.

The man said he sprayed his name in another scenic site and would tried to erase it all.