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Kidnappers ‘inspired by crime dramas’ caught after abducted Chinese man escapes

They had demanded 4 million yuan ransom after kidnapping man at knife point

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 27 September, 2016, 2:44pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 27 September, 2016, 5:35pm

A children’s store owner who was abducted by three men in eastern China managed to escape and his abductors have been arrested, the Qianjiang Evening News reports.

The man, who drove a white Porsche that caught the kidnapper’s attention, left his store in Tongxiang, Zhejiang province, around 11pm one night last week.

While waiting at a red light, his car was hit from behind by a motorcycle carrying two men. When the Porsche driver got out of his car to talk to the two, a third man appeared suddenly and pushed the driver to the ground.

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The driver was then forced into the back seat of his own car at knife point and taken to a vacant house, where they called his wife and demanded 4 million yuan (HK$4.65 million) as a ransom.

After two of the men left to dispose of the car and while the remaining kidnapper was making a phone call, the man tried to escape, having already loosened the rope tying his hands and feet.

He fought with the remaining man and hit him on the head with the back of a knife.

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The abducted driver then ran out into the road, stopped a van driver and asked him to call the police.

After checking surveillance video, police stopped the three kidnappers, all Sichuan natives who worked in Tongxiang, at a highway checkpoint the next day.

They men said they were short of cash and decided to kidnap somebody for a large ransom after watching crime dramas.