One Chinese villager dead and 32 others still missing after deadly Typhoon Megi triggers two landslides

Megi devastates two mainland villages in Zhejiang province after earlier killing five people – one person in Fujian province and four others in Taiwan

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 29 September, 2016, 11:11am
UPDATED : Thursday, 29 September, 2016, 10:57pm

One Chinese villager was killed and at least 32 others are still missing in eastern Zhejiang province after their homes were hit by two landslides triggered by deadly Typhoon Megi on Wednesday.

A landslide struck Sucun village in Suichang county at about 5pm amid a heavy downpour, destroying about 20 of the 37 homes, mainland media reported.

Flights cancelled, schools shut, fishing boats recalled as deadly Typhoon Megi hits China

By 10am on Thursday, 13 villagers had been rescued. The body of one unnamed villager was discovered on Thursday afternoon. The search was continuing for 26 other people, who were still missing, a Suichang official said.

Another six villagers were still missing at 7.30am on Thursday in the village of Baofeng, in Wencheng county, after their homes were hit by another landslide triggered by the typhoon on Wednesday night.

Suichang authorities had earlier ordered cadres to evacuate villagers in anticipation of the heavy rain, and the landslide took place in Sucun just as the last group of the residents was leaving, the provincial newspaper Qianjiang Evening News reported.

Among those still missing was a village cadre, who had been at the scene helping to evacuate residents, Xinhua reported.

An employee at Suichang People’s Hospital said five injured Sucun villagers were being treated there. “One pregnant woman in her 20s is still not completely out of danger, but four others, in their 70s and 80s, are now in a stable condition,” the employee said.

A worker at Suichang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is treating other injured villagers, said the oldest patient it had admitted was man of 92, who fled the scene of the landslide by himself, while the youngest was about 50.

“They are all still quite traumatised by what has happened,” the hospital worker said.

A total of 1,460 residents had been relocated from Sucun overnight, the report said.

A barrier lake has been formed at the site of the Sucun landslide.

Taiwan shuts down as Typhoon Megi strikes the island – the third typhoon in two weeks

About 150 police and paramilitary police officers and firefighters rushed to the scene to help search for survivors.

The province has been hit by heavy downpours for the past two weeks ago, when Typhoon Meranti swept across China’s eastern coast of China.

Some areas in Wenzhou and Lishui were battered by the heaviest downpours for 100 years on Wednesday, recording 650 millimetres of rainfall in 24 hours.

Earlier on Wednesday morning, mainland China shut schools and cancelled dozens of flights as deadly Megi made landfall in the southern province of Fujian with winds of close to 120km/h.

One person in Quanzhou died after his mountain home was destroyed by floods.

On Tuesday Megi killed four people and injured more than 523 in Taiwan as heavy rain and sustained winds of up 162km/h battered the island.

Additional reporting by Jane Li