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‘Frustrated’ Chinese man stabs three at scene of deadly 2014 Kunming railway attack

PUBLISHED : Monday, 07 November, 2016, 11:20am
UPDATED : Monday, 07 November, 2016, 1:59pm

A man reportedly carried out a random knife attack on three people in southwestern China after becoming frustrated when his petitions to local authorities failed.

The attack took place at Kunming railway station, in Yunnan province, which was the scene of a deadly knife attack in 2014.

On Sunday, the man, surnamed Yang, allegedly used a kitchen knife to stab three pedestrians in unprovoked attacks at the station, local news website reported.

The injuries of the victims were not life-threatening, the report said.

Convicted Chinese arsonist who killed 18 in bus blaze sentenced to death

Yang, aged about 40, reportedly tried to flee the scene after the attack. But the suspect was soon spotted and caught by paramilitary police, the report said. He was then detained at the nearest police station.

Yang had tried to raise public attention about his petition, according to the report. He was petitioning a matter caused by a change in his family circumstances, said the report, without providing further details.

Yang had tried petitioning the local authorities for help, but his efforts had failed, it added.

It is not unusual in China to see people with no specific political motives carry out random attacks on passers-by when they fail to gain help after submitting petitions to the authorities. Similar cases include arson attacks on buses and cars being driven into crowds of pedestrians.

Three given death penalty over Kunming rail station attack

Security officials have been keeping a close watch on the railway station in Kunming following the deadly knife attack in March 2014.

Dozens of commuters were killed and more than a hundred others injured when a gang of knife-wielding attackers rampaged through the station.

The authorities blamed the attack on “separatist forces from Xinjiang”. Four of the suspected assailants were shot dead by police at the scene.