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Chinese man fails in bid to dissolve kidney stones by drinking 10 bottles of beer a day

He was afraid to undergo an operation to remove the stones from his kidney

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 08 November, 2016, 12:30pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 08 November, 2016, 12:30pm

A Chinese man with kidney stones has tried – unsuccessfully – to cure himself with a home-made therapy by drinking 10 bottles of beer a day.

The 38-year-old unnamed businessman from Chongqing had been suffering from severe pains caused by kidney stones for years, the Chongqing Morning Post reported.

He was told he had more than 10 stones in his kidneys when he was examined two years ago, but had been afraid of undergoing an operation as doctors had suggested.

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So the man, a beer lover, was excited to hear from his friends that the alcoholic drink could help dissolve kidney stones.

He normally drinks three to five bottles of beer a day, but more when he needs to attend business banquets, the report said.

The man started following his home-made remedy, drinking five bottles at noon and five more in the evening every day. If he had to drive during the day, he would drink all 10 bottles at night.

The man continued with the therapy for more than a month, but the pain from his kidney stones only grew worse.

It wasn’t until Sunday, when the man could finally bear the excruciating pain no more that he finally agreed to undergo an operation so that doctors could remove the stones.

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Doctors extracted “a plate full of stones” on Sunday, according to the report.

The largest one removed from his kidney had a diameter of 2.5 centimetres, the report said.

Doctors said the therapy added to the man’s problems because purine – a crystalline compound – found in beer actually increased the risk of him developing kidney stones, according to the report.