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Mentally disabled boy missing after mother leaves him at bus station to avoid paying his fare

Single mother who makes a living collecting scrap wouldn’t pay one-yuan fare a driver demanded for her son, who usually gets to ride free

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 10 November, 2016, 3:14pm
UPDATED : Friday, 11 November, 2016, 6:51pm

A mentally disabled boy has been missing for six days after his mother left him in a bus station in southern China, according to mainland media reports on Wednesday.

The mother, surnamed Yang, said she is raising the boy, nicknamed Wangzai, alone and scratches out a living collecting scrap and begging, reported.

She had taken a bus from the station in Guangzhou but had left Wangzai behind because the driver had demanded a one-yuan fare for him.

Yang said the boy was often allowed to ride city buses for free when she explained their predicament to the drivers. But in this case, the driver had demanded that Wangzai pay the fare because he was over the height limit for a free ride.

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Yang said she tried to get a refund of the one-yuan fare she had already paid for herself from the driver, but he refused. So she told Wangzai to wait for her at the terminal, and took the bus to her destination alone.

Yang said that when she returned to the station later, Wangzai was gone.

It was determined that the boy had taken another bus instead of waiting at the station, according to an official with the bus company. He said Wangzai got off that bus at a station near Zhongshan 8th Road.

The boy has been missing since November 3. The bus official said the company had given the relevant CCTV recordings to the police, to assist in their investigation.