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‘I’ll lose fans if I’m jailed’: Chinese internet live-streaming host accused of drunk driving

Woman stopped by police and detained after her BMW allegedly hit road barrier

PUBLISHED : Monday, 14 November, 2016, 1:27pm
UPDATED : Monday, 14 November, 2016, 1:48pm

A live-streaming host on the internet was arrested after downing three bottles of beer during a dinner with her fans and allegedly driving drunk in a city in southwest China, according to a newspaper report.

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The 20-year-old woman, who was only identified by her surname Liu, was spotted by traffic police parking her blue BMW between a cycling and driving lane in the centre of Chengdu in Sichuan province, early last Friday , the Chengdu Commercial Daily reported.

The car had allegedly hit a barrier by the road when she was stopped by the police, the report said.

The woman was highly agitated and could not stop crying in the car when questioned by the police.

Blood tests later showed she had almost triple the permitted level of alcohol in her blood to drive, according to the article.

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People convicted of drunk driving can face six months in prison in China.

The woman was quoted as saying her biggest concern was she could lose fans after the incident.

“I think I would lose fans if I got locked up,” she said.

Hosts on live-streaming sites on the internet can make huge amounts in China as viewers reward their favourites with virtual gifts that can be exchanged for cash.

The woman said she had about 20,000 followers on her live-streaming profile and earned more than 20,000 yuan (HK$23,000) a month through hosting programming online.

The government listed drunk driving as a crime in 2011. Driving with lower amounts of alcohol in the system, drink driving, is a separate offence on the mainland.