China’s anti-graft watchdog publicly shames and demotes Chinese railway official who sent 2,300 bawdy texts to woman

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 17 November, 2016, 5:29pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 17 November, 2016, 5:29pm

In a rare move, the anti-graft watchdog of China Railway Corporation announced a demotion of a senior official by revealing vivid details of his “inappropriate affairs” with a woman - and possibly her daughter too.

The official report about Huang Gang – detailing more than 2,300 bawdy text messages he had sent to the woman on his phone – was later published online and quickly went viral after being shared by thousands of people in only a few hours.

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Huang, 50, bureau director in Beijing, who was in charge of railway safety, was demoted to the position of deputy bureau director and placed on probation for one year by Communist Party officials as punishment for his behaviour, the news website reported on Thursday.

The five-page document, dated November 8, was posted on the mainland microblogging website,, on Wednesday. Within hours it had been shared thousands of times.

It showed that Huang sent more than 2,300 bawdy text messages to the woman, whose surname is Yang, over a six-month period this year.

The document said the pair had met in 2011, and then he had formally started his “inappropriate affairs” three years later.

It also gave details of the couple’s numerous trysts at Yang’s home and in private hotel rooms between February and August , including the dates and room numbers of the hotels where they had met.

The document said the woman also suggested that Huang “give sexual guidance ” to her daughter.

It said the mother had described her daughter in July and August as being “too frigid”.

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Huang had later “hugged” Yang’s daughter in a hotel room, the document said.

The age of the daughter was not made clear in the document, but the report said she was about to finish her studies at college in Shaanxi province.

With Huang’s help, Yang was given a new job at a logistics company in 2013.

The document said Huang had tried to cover up his affair and also refused to admit having any affair when he was placed under investigation by the party.

He destroyed a SIM card which he had used when sending the sexually suggestive texts to Yang and had also asked propaganda officials to delete online posts about his affair with Yang, the document said.