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Chinese suspect tries to rob woman he mistook for man ‘because victim was not as good looking as him yet had girlfriend’

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 22 November, 2016, 12:17pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 22 November, 2016, 12:17pm

A Chinese man allegedly admitted trying to rob a woman he mistook for a man because he was jealous his victim was not as good-looking as he was yet had a woman companion, mainland media reports.

The man, surnamed Cao, was detained by police in an internet bar in Xichang, in Sichuan province, earlier this month, the Chengdu Business News reported.

The alleged robbery of the woman took place after he saw two people approaching him as he rode a bicycle outside a park in the province last month

He believed they were a man and woman and felt upset the “man” was not as handsome as he was yet was still accompanied by a woman.

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Cao got off his bicycle and pulled out a knife intending to rob the “man”.

However, his victim fought back and was stabbed during the attempt, the report said.

“I thought he wasn’t as handsome as me, yet he had a girlfriend.,” Cao allegedly told police after he was detained. “I was upset so I robbed him.”

It was unclear from the report whether the suspect had stolen anything, or if the victim was badly hurt.

After his detention Cao allegedly confessed to police that he had been involved in earlier crimes, the report said.

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He had reportedly also stolen a mobile phone from an internet bar, a handbag near a hotel and then stabbed a man while robbing him of his rucksack.

Cao had also previously been arrested for robbery in 2013 while still a juvenile, the report said.

He had received a two-year custodial sentence, suspended for three years, after being found guilty of the robbery in August 2013, so his latest alleged crimes had taken place after the end of the suspended sentence.