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Chinese mother’s nighttime sales vigil to help struggling son buy a home

Wang Guiying from rural area of Shandong province sells fruit and vegetables into the night to help her offspring

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 30 November, 2016, 3:07pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 December, 2016, 9:26am

An elderly Chinese woman’s efforts to help her son buy a home by selling fruit and vegetables by the roadside at night has made headlines in Chinese media.

Over the past month, Wang Guiying, 68, has travelled daily from her home in the countryside to Jinan, the capital city of eastern Shandong province, to sell her home-grown produce, the Qilu Evening News reported.

She was raising money to help her son buy a home in the city of Weihai, the report said.

Wang sold her produce in the local farmer’s market in the daytime and then moved to the roadside to sell the remaining food overnight.

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Sometimes she sat through the night on the street or spent two yuan (HK$2.25) renting a booth in the farmer’s market to sleep before heading back home to pick up fresh produce, according to the report.

“When my son married, he couldn’t even afford a TV set. His salary is not high and I’m very worried,” Wang was quoted as saying in another report from the Shanghai-based news website

“My son is filial. I help with whatever little I can.”

Wang’s son, only identified by his name Xia, lives in a rented home in Weihai with his wife and a four-year-old son. The family’s total income is about 4,000 yuan a month, leaving little room for savings to purchase a home.

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“I burst into tears when I read the news of my mother,” Xi was quoted as saying. “But the situation now is, I couldn’t even save a dime.”

According to Xia, it cost at least 400,000 yuan to purchase a new home of 60 square metres in Weihai, the report said.