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Chinese woman road sweeper wins over US$1 million on lottery with help of sceptical son

Son kept urging mother to stop buying lottery tickets, but he came up with some of the winning numbers, news website reports

PUBLISHED : Monday, 20 February, 2017, 12:08pm
UPDATED : Monday, 20 February, 2017, 12:08pm

A Chinese man who always nagged his mother to stop buying lottery tickets helped her win millions of yuan by giving her some of the numbers in a winning draw, Chinese media reported.

The number plucked at random by the man from Xiamen in Fujian province helped his mother, a road sweeper, win more than 8.6 million yuan (US$1.25 million), the news website reported.

The man had for years opposed his mother’s habit of buying a lottery ticket as she had never won large amounts and he believed she was wasting her money.

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But he gave her a random number last month for the lottery draw after she kept asking him to write one down.

The man said he gave in because he did not want to disappoint his mother ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, according to the report.

The mother then bought a lottery ticket combining her son’s number and three others she came up with.

The next day, she was shocked to find out she had struck first prize.

The mother said she would save the money for her son and continue her job as a road sweeper, the report said.

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China’s lottery sales rose 7.3 per cent to 394 billion yuan last year, according to the Ministry of Finance.

The revenue covers administrative fees and the jackpot, with the rest of the cash used on social welfare and sports facilities.