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Daredevil jumps from 41-storey building in China ... and lives

Base jumper caught on mobile phone footage leaping from block in Guangzhou before parachute opened and he landed safely

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 28 March, 2017, 2:21pm
UPDATED : Tuesday, 28 March, 2017, 2:53pm

Video footage of a mysterious daredevil base jumping from a 41-storey high building in southern China has gone viral on the internet.

The man jumped from a high-rise in Guangzhou in Guangdong province last Monday, according to a report by Guangdong Radio and Television.

The footage showed the man leaping off Pazhou Commercial Plaza, before opening his parachute after about five seconds and landing safely in front of the building.

The identity of the man remains a mystery, but a spokesman for the property management firm was quoted as saying police were looking into the matter.

He also said the daredevil might have climbed to the top of the building partly through using an outdoor work ladder.

73-year-old Base jumper died after setting his parachute on fire as part of a stunt

A lawyer told the television station that although the law requires organisations to have government permission to organise such stunts, there was no formal ordinance to stop people engaging in extreme sports in China.

The video has garnered praise and criticism among social media users in China.

One person wrote: “What he plays is a game of death. He wants fame and therefore challenges death. But he has to consider that he might end up crushing people on the ground.”