Parents of Chinese boy who once received transplants donate his organs

It was his only chance to contribute to society, his mother said

PUBLISHED : Sunday, 02 April, 2017, 4:55pm
UPDATED : Sunday, 02 April, 2017, 4:55pm

Parents whose 15-year-old son once received a cornea transplant have donated his organs after he died on Saturday, the Chengdu Commercial Daily reported.

Deng Jun, the mother of Zhang Junyan who died from encephalitis, decided to donate his liver and kidneys to save three other critically ill patients at Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital in southwest China.

“He was very young, and until now has not been able to contribute to society. Donating his organs is his chance. I want to make his passing away more meaningful,” Deng said.

An accident three years ago gradually claimed Zhang’s sight in his left eye, but a cornea transplant in March last year restored his vision.

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“Zhang cherished his restored eye very much, and carried eye drops wherever he went,” Deng said.

But, on March 14, Zhang came down with a headache and fever and was treated at a nearby clinic, which gave some cold medication and sent him home.

Without prompt and accurate treatment, Zhang’s symptoms quickly deteriorated. When he was unable to speak properly two days later, Deng send him to a hospital in Nanchong, which suspected meningitis and transferred him to the more advanced Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital.

Four days later, Zhang lapsed into a coma and it was confirmed that he had viral encephalitis.

On March 28, doctors informed Zhang’s parents that their son could not be saved.

Zhang’s organs were recovered and he was buried in Chengdu on April 1.