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‘I heard the lion roar near me’: Chinese tourists scale wall with ladders to sneak into zoo

Visitors failing to heed lesson of man who was mauled to death by a tiger after climbing a wall to get into another zoo on the mainland

PUBLISHED : Monday, 03 April, 2017, 2:58pm
UPDATED : Monday, 03 April, 2017, 3:41pm

Chinese tourists in northern China are still scaling walls to enter a wildlife attraction even after a man was mauled to death by a tiger earlier this year after climbing into another zoo, Chinese media reported.

Visitors to the Qinling Wildlife Park in Xian in Shaanxi province save 40 yuan (US$5.80) in entrance fees by paying local residents for access to a ladder to climb over a wall into the wildlife park, the Huashang Daily reported.

They pay 60 yuan to get a ladder, saving on the official entrance fee of 100 yuan, according to the report.

Chinese man killed by zoo tiger ‘scaled two 3m walls to avoid paying entrance fee’

Many Chinese tourists have been using this cheaper way to gain entrance to the park, although scaling the wall might put them in danger as they enter near animal enclosures, the report said.

“I don’t know why I chose to enter the park this way,” one visitor told the newspaper.

He said he and three of his friends scaled the wall into the park last month.

“Listening to the lion’s roar nearby really frightened me,” he said. “I really regretted climbing into the park. It’s extremely dangerous.”

The park’s authorities told the paper they knew local residents were making money by helping tourists climb in, but had taken no action against it.

“These people just loiter near the park. They have done this [help visitors enter the park] multiple times. We don’t have an effective way to stop them,” a security guard was quoted as saying.

Family of man killed by tiger in eastern China blames zoo for negligence

There have been no reports of visitors getting injured after scaling the wall, according to the paper.

A man was mauled to death by a tiger after he climbed two three-metre walls into the Ningbo Youngor Zoo in Zhejiang province in January.

He had been trying to avoid paying the 130 yuan entrance fee, reports said.

Four men who tried sneaking into the same zoo in 2006 climbed into the lion enclosure and park staff had to distract the animals with food so the men could escape.