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Chinese internet users mock county’s ‘reach us if you can’ suggestion box

People wanting to post suggested improvements to services would have to be a giant like the basketball player Yao Ming, internet users joke

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 April, 2017, 12:50pm
UPDATED : Friday, 21 April, 2017, 1:07pm

A local government office in southern China has been mocked online after it put a suggestion box so high on a building wall that only a giant could reach it.

The box was installed over two metres above the ground by a government bureau in Yiliang county in Yunnan province, the China News Service reported.

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A social media user posted a picture of the box on Thursday, joking that it seemed to be designed for Yao Ming, the former basketball star who is 2.29 metres tall.

The government bureau said the suggestion box was originally closer to the ground, but they shifted it higher because people kept bumping into it.

The bureau did not have time to move it again before pictures began to circulate on the internet.

The placement of the box has sparked jokes online.

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“The point is, if you’re not tall, we don’t want to hear your opinion,” one person joked .

Another suggested: “This [suggestion box] should come with a stool or a ladder.”

Several people drew comparisons with the hit Chinese television drama In the Name of People, about the fight against corruption in a fictional city.

“I saw that very popular TV show and one of the clips showed the petition office’s counter was positioned similarly to this suggestion box,” oner person joked online.

The local government in Yiliang is looking into moving the box again, local media reported.