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Chinese blind masseur grapples with thief, forcing him to flee

PUBLISHED : Friday, 12 May, 2017, 12:31pm
UPDATED : Friday, 12 May, 2017, 12:31pm

A man attempting to rob a massage parlour in southern China fled empty-handed after he was grappled to the ground by a blind masseur, Chinese media reported.

The thief ran into the business run by blind men and women in Changsha in Hunan province hoping for an easy target, but had to flee after tussling with masseuse Li Leijun, the Guangzhou Daily reported.

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The incident took place at about 6pm on Sunday.

Li and another masseuse were sitting at the kitchen table eating when the thief asked the pair if they were the only people there and whether they were “real or fake blind people”, before demanding money.

One masseur ran into a room and locked it while the thief walked around the kitchen searching cabinets, according to Li, who could hear him banging on the table and opening drawers.

The thief tried to force his way into the locked room, leading to a clash between Li and the thief.

Li, a man standing just shy of 1.7 metres, tripped the thief and wrapped himself around his body, causing the two to tumble down the parlour’s narrow staircase.

An upstairs neighbour, an elderly woman, heard the sounds and rushed to see what had happened, according to the article.

“Their fighting sounds were so loud,” she was quoted as saying.

At that point, the robber had already fled.

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Li told the newspaper blind people had to rely largely on touch, making their tactile senses more sensitive. He added that many blind people choose to open their own businesses, but security can pose problems.

Internet users in China praised Li. One wrote: “With the blind masseur’s hand skills, he could have destroyed that kid.”

Another said: “A masseuse is well aware of your joints - and you still dare to fight him?”