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Chinese woman in her 80s left for more than a month, abandoned and bedridden

Elderly widow survived on ‘kindness of neighbours’ while her adult children were nowhere to be seen

PUBLISHED : Monday, 15 May, 2017, 7:04pm
UPDATED : Monday, 15 May, 2017, 7:19pm

A woman in her 80s was left bedridden at home by herself in southern China for more than a month with none of her four children coming to look after her, a local television station reported.

Zhang Luanmei fell and suffered a head injury at the beginning of April at her home in Shantou, in Guangdong province, according to a report by Shantou TV.

She was occasionally given assistance by neighbours and “other kind-hearted people” the report said without elaborating.

Her husband died some time ago, and none of her two sons and daughters live with her. Zhang lived alone and had been begging on the street for many years.

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None of her children showed up at her home until recently, when her younger daughter who works in another city returned to Shantou and sent her to hospital.

The daughter said her elder brother, 55, also lived in Shantou, but had refused all requests to help look after his mother.

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“He didn’t come to see Mum at home nor gave her any money,” she told the television station. “He said he suffered from hypertension and couldn’t come. He also said it was no big deal if Mum died.”

The daughter hoped her other siblings would take turns to looked after their mother.