Good Samaritans’ quick team work saves Chinese driver trapped in overturned van in less than a minute

Passers-by come together to help pull delivery man out of his vehicle after traffic accident in Huizhou

PUBLISHED : Monday, 22 May, 2017, 11:35am
UPDATED : Monday, 22 May, 2017, 11:35am

Dozens of Chinese pedestrians joined hands to free a trapped driver in a traffic accident in southern China last week.

The driver had become trapped in his minivan after it hit an oncoming vehicle and overturned at a crossroad in Huizhou, Guangdong province, last Wednesday, the People’s Daily reported.

Huang Hanhua recalled his minivan flipping over some 10 metres after it crashed into a car in the middle of the road, leaving him trapped upside down.

Surveillance footage showed that a male passer-by in a black T-shirt rushed to his van and started kicking at the windshield, while the other driver jumped to the side of the van, attempting to save Huang from the passenger’s seat.

More than 20 people, including grey-haired senior citizens and women , gathered quickly , and together they started pushing the van to the right position after the two men’s efforts semmed fruitless.

They managed to liftup the 2-tonne vehicle and Huang was freed from his seat. The whole process took less than 1 minute.

Huang, who was delivering packages, said the other vehicle was speeding while crossing the road, and his van lost control after the latter hit one of its rear wheels.

No one was hurt during the rescue efforts, and the delivery packages remained intact .

Footage of the scene was widely shared on social media thereafter. “In the video we see some women tried to give a hand, though they seemed not to be strong enough. Many others left quietly after saving the driver. This is touching,” one internet user commented in a local online forum at