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Identical Chinese twin sisters, praised for their brains and beauty, tick Harvard off their to-do list

Siblings first became an internet sensation after graduating from China’s prestigious Fudan University

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 01 June, 2017, 1:43pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 01 June, 2017, 2:17pm

Identical Chinese twin sisters who gained internet fame for being both intelligent and beautiful have graduated from Harvard University’s graduate school.

Nanjing-born Sun Yutong and Sun Yumeng graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education in May with masters’ degrees – and live-streamed the experience to their internet fans.

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More than 170,000 internet users watched Yumeng’s 26-minute clip posted online that showed her walking along the road with her sister and fellow graduates, wearing black and red robes.

“Happy graduation sisters!” wrote one user. “Is America’s air sweet?” quipped another, referring to University of Maryland student Yang Shuping’s controversial graduation speech last month, where she complimented America’s air quality.

Many praised Yumeng – who also goes by Sara – on her good looks.

Yutong – who is also known as Lara – celebrated with a softly-filtered Instagram post, showing her alongside a male graduate.

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“So beautiful!” wrote one of her followers in Putonghua. “Congratulations!” wrote another.

The pair previously made the news when they graduated from Fudan university in Shanghai last May. At high school, the twins were members of the bodybuilding team and won the title of National-level bodybuilder, the official People’s Daily reported.

The Sun sisters became popular with Chinese internet users who were impressed with both their beauty and academic achievements.


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Yutong now has almost 291,000 fans on Chinese microblogging site Weibo, while Yumeng has more than 371,000.

A handful of Twitter users also weighed in on the Sun sisters’ graduation.

“Skip the beauty, scholastic abilities of these Chinese women twins is just all you need to say,” wrote one.

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“A dangerous combination brains and beauty. Best of luck to them,” wrote another.

Almost 800,000 Chinese students studied overseas in 2015, with almost half opting to go to the US, according to Unesco estimates.

Over 20 per cent of Harvard students are from outside the United States, according to the university.


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