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Disabled Chinese university student finds fame as online game host

Peng Chao, who lost both arms as a child, was already a computer games whiz before he took up live-streaming

PUBLISHED : Monday, 05 June, 2017, 3:47pm
UPDATED : Monday, 05 June, 2017, 9:25pm

A Chinese university student who lost both arms at age six has become an online game host due to his extraordinary skills at performing computer games by foot, mainland media reports.

Peng Chao began streaming himself playing computer games in mid-May and now broadcasts for two hours every day, the Chengdu Commercial News reported.

The 22-year-old used his left foot to operate the keyboard and right one to move the mouse while he communicated with his online audience through a microphone, the report said.

Peng said he started using live-streaming as a way to relax, and found it quite natural as he was already adept at playing computer games, according to the report.

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He was also delighted to share his school life online.

His father at first was opposed to Peng getting involved in broadcasting as he thought it would affect Peng’s studies, but he decided to support him as Peng was now a grown-up and should try some new experiences on his own.

It was also good for Peng to make some money to contribute to the household but his university studies were still his focus, his father told the newspaper.

Peng lost his arms when he was only six years old after he came in contact with a high voltage transformer. He then learned to use his feet for daily activities including writing and eating.

He was enrolled at the prestigious Sichuan University in 2015 and once demonstrated his knowledge of Chinese poetry in a variety show on China Central Television, the state broadcaster.