The gods must be angry: cars crash into Chinese ancestral temple four times in a month

Superstitious villagers said to have grave doubts about temple’s feng shui

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 June, 2017, 12:30pm
UPDATED : Friday, 23 June, 2017, 3:04pm

An ancestral temple in southern China has been hit by cars several times during recent heavy rain due to its location, according to local media.

A white SUV skidded off the road and crashed through a wall of the complex on Thursday afternoon, the Guangzhou Daily newspaper reported.

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The old temple is located next to a road that has been built up over the years in Fengwu Village in Qingyuan city, Guangdong province.

“The crash was very loud, and I felt the ground shake,” a villager said.

The driver was the only person in the SUV and suffered only minor cuts, but his car was seriously damaged, with the front smashed in and the tyres blown out.

It was the fourth such incident since heavy rain started falling in the area this month, raising doubts among superstitious villagers about the temple’s feng shui, or optimal alignments of cosmic energy.

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They said a black sedan spun out of control during heavy rain before skidding down the embankment and hitting the wall backwards on June 6. Villagers said the driver lost control of the car which slid over the roadside and down an embankment backwards before crashing through the wall of the temple.