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Chinese car seized after illegal ‘toytown’ conversion

Owner latest to fall foul of China’s strict regulations curbing car conversions

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 20 July, 2017, 2:49pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 20 July, 2017, 2:49pm

A car has been seized by the transport police in western China after its owner illegally modified it into an open top convertible and gave it a garish paint job to look like a toy car, according to a newspaper report.

The motorist in Dujiangyan in Sichuan province said he cut off the roof because the weather was too hot, the Chengdu Economic Daily reported.

Other modifications included painting the seats red and the outside pink and green.

The car is a Chinese-made Zoyte Alto, the article said.

Police have ordered the owner, who is in his 20s, to restore the car to its factory condition.

China has some of the strictest regulations in the world banning car modifications.

Chinese motorist fined for trying to pass his car off as a Porsche

The basic fine for carrying out illegal changes is 1,000 yuan (US$150).

The owner of a Zotye SR9 model was fined in Hunan province in March after he carried out conversions to pass his car off as a Porsche.