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  • Apr 23, 2014
  • Updated: 7:20pm

Hong Kong and the Philippines have resolved their differences over the Manila bus hostage crisis, with Chief Executive CY Leung announcing today that sanctions imposed on the country will be...

Updated 23 Apr 2014 - 7:04pm

The general public has a negative perception of press freedom in Hong Kong and journalists are even more pessimistic, the first Hong Kong Press Freedom Index shows.

23 Apr 2014 - 5:16pm

Hundreds of Hong Kong fans of South Korean pop star Kim Soo-hyun were left disappointed today when he spent just 10 minutes with competition winners, cancelled a Causeway Bay event and kept a low...

Updated 23 Apr 2014 - 7:12pm

As Manila's Mayor Joseph Estrada embarks upon a delicate mission to heal the rift between Hong Kong and the Philippines over the 2010 bus hostage incident, his son appears to be having a whale of...

23 Apr 2014 - 4:20pm

An accused bomb-hoax passenger on a Hong-Kong bound plane who waved a chocolate bar “like a sword” was delusional and erratic, a court heard today.

Updated 23 Apr 2014 - 6:33pm

Actress and self-styled domestic goddess Gwyneth Paltrow today said during a visit to Hong Kong that her debt-laden lifestyle website Goop.com was here to stay, dismissing reports that the company...

Updated 23 Apr 2014 - 7:18pm

Dozens of the city’s financial and banking high-flyers have issued an open letter to President Xi Jinping demanding the implementation of universal suffrage and protection of core values in Hong...

23 Apr 2014 - 5:01pm


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Democratic Party elder Martin Lee Chu-ming has suggested a solution to the deadlock over the 2017 chief executive election.

23 Apr 2014 - 4:56pm

Hong Kong could today make a "positive" announcement on the 2010 Manila hostage tragedy, a lawmaker announced, following a late night meeting with victims' families and government officials.

23 Apr 2014 - 3:33pm

Under fire from mainland interests for a trip to the US and Canada, former chief secretary Anson Chan Fang On-sang yesterday appealed to Beijing to consider the electoral reform plan put forward...

23 Apr 2014 - 7:47am

You know something big has happened when Hong Kong's warring politicians put aside the debate over the city's constitutional future and start splitting hairs over something much more important -...

23 Apr 2014 - 4:54pm

Hundreds of fans massed at the Chek Lap Kok airport yesterday to greet Korean star Kim Soohyun, with many skipping class or even work to catch a glimpse of their idol.

23 Apr 2014 - 8:51am

A solicitor and a consultant colluded over six years to pocket some HK$1.5 million from 26 accident claimants, a judge concluded yesterday.

23 Apr 2014 - 9:29am

A robber posing as a big spender managed to convince a sales assistant to let him try on two luxury watches at the Zenith Boutique in Tsim Sha Tsui - and then bolted out the door with his HK$480,...

23 Apr 2014 - 3:59am

A street singer is planning a court challenge to the government's decision to reduce the opening hours of a pedestrian zone in Mong Kok, saying the move was based on a flawed opinion poll and is...

23 Apr 2014 - 3:44am

The Highways Department would have known about the delay in the high-speed cross-border railway project if it had been doing its job, the Democratic Party said yesterday.

23 Apr 2014 - 4:04am

Satisfaction with media freedom has dipped further to a new low since 1997 amid multiple upheavals in the industry, a University of Hong Kong survey shows.

23 Apr 2014 - 4:02am

Cheung Chau residents are considering suing a company that wants to trademark the "peace" stamp on the traditional white buns that are a feature of the island's annual festival.

23 Apr 2014 - 3:44am

Two former ATV directors yesterday filed an application with the High Court to wind up the television network.

23 Apr 2014 - 4:03am

Confusion surrounded a visit by a delegation of senior Philippine officials today which was set-up in a bid to defuse a diplomatic row over the 2010 Manila hostage tragedy and discuss compensation...

22 Apr 2014 - 8:57pm

The top 10 killer diseases in Hong Kong cause the deaths of 18 per cent more people a year than a decade ago because of the ageing population, unhealthy lifestyles and pollution, the South China...

22 Apr 2014 - 9:34am

After almost 20 years in Hong Kong, English teacher Amanda Chapman may soon be forced to leave the city because of difficulties in finding a suitable and affordable school for her daughter.

22 Apr 2014 - 8:49am

International schools that reserve at least 80 per cent of places for non-local children may be given priority in the government's land grant scheme, an education official says.

22 Apr 2014 - 3:38am

An experience of the worst in humanity was not what Ibrahim Mohamed Hussein expected when he touched down in Hong Kong eight months ago, fresh from persecution in Africa.

22 Apr 2014 - 8:40am

Due to a shortage of facilities for the age-related syndrome, only about 10 per cent of sufferers are thought to be receiving specialist care, said Wilfred Leung Chi-hang,

22 Apr 2014 - 3:38am

Children in Hong Kong say they want a "real zoo" in the city. While this may not be a great revelation, a new study has confirmed that 90 per cent of primary school pupils yearn for an affordable...

22 Apr 2014 - 7:47am

The possible home of the endangered and highly priced Hong Kong grouper in Sai Kung should be turned into a marine park to better conserve the species of fish, green groups say.

22 Apr 2014 - 3:38am


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