Woman fined for forwarding harassing calls to Kwun Tong police

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 25 August, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 25 August, 2012, 2:50am

A woman victim of harassing anonymous phone calls was fined HK$1,000 at Kwun Tong Court yesterday for forwarding them to the police.

Tsoi Chi-piu, 38, had pleaded guilty to forwarding 79 calls to Kwun Tong police station between December 6 and 9 last year. She said she had done it to deter the silent caller.

Magistrate Anthony Yuen Wai-ming said a fine was enough punishment considering that Tsoi was a victim of harassment and in the light of a good probation report.

The court heard that the station received around 20 silent calls a day over the four-day period. On December 8, when the male caller asked for "Ms Tsoi", the police receptionist asked him what number he had rung, which was how Tsoi was located.

She admitted forwarding the calls to the police station.

Tsoi said she did not know who the calls were from, but suspected it was the same man.

The probation officer's report said Tsoi accepted she had burdened a very busy station and realised her act had been foolish. Supervision by a probation officer was not necessary, according to the report, as the likelihood of her reoffending was low.

The maximum punishment for offences in connection with telephone calls or messages under the Summary Offences Ordinance is a fine of HK$1,000 and two months in jail.