May Wong marries William Chan

Coming off a bad break-up, May Wong didn't feel like meeting friends for a quick drink but an encounter that night changed her life

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 29 September, 2012, 3:11am

May Wong wasn't in the mood for love when she was introduced to William Chan.

"I was still recovering from the break-up of my last relationship and my self-esteem was at an all-time low," she said. "I'd stopped believing in love." But William turned her into a believer again.

The couple will wed today at the Aberdeen Marina Club, where they will be joined by 150 guests friends and relatives.

May, a civil servant, was expecting a quiet night when she joined a friend for a quick drink.

"My friend ran into some of his colleagues and insisted I meet them. I was not interested in making new friends, and I was wearing casual clothes with no make-up on, so I was reluctant," she said. William, who works for a bank, was quite the opposite, mingling and socialising with the crowd.

"He looked very handsome and confident the first time I saw him. I couldn't believe he was single. Seeing him at the party, I realised that I shouldn't be ashamed of being single, but make the most of it."

May was taken by William and they started hanging out together. Before long they had become inseparable.

"We wanted to share everything with each other and were eager to get to know each other better," May said.

They realised how important they were to each other when William had to take a short business trip. So after dating for only three months they moved in together, and six months later William popped the question.

"We were at home and he asked me to marry him, right after he'd bought the engagement ring," May said. "He had planned to do it on my birthday, which was two weeks away, but he just couldn't wait."

May said she knew they were right for each other after they started living together because they wanted to spend all their time together.

"So I knew that we had become each other's significant other," she said.

"I like everything about William. He is smart, attractive, caring, funny and loyal. Most importantly, he really invests in our relationship. I am so blessed to love him and be loved in return."