Lam Hak-lam jailed 21 days for groping model

Lam Hak-lam strikes remorseful tone during sentencing for groping model during webcast

PUBLISHED : Friday, 26 October, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 26 October, 2012, 4:09am

A self-styled performing artist dubbed the "Nicholas Tse of Victoria Park" was sentenced to 21 days in jail yesterday after being convicted of groping a model while filming a live Web broadcast.

Deputy Magistrate Allan Wyeth said the act was "completely unwelcomed by the woman … and the victim was in a vulnerable situation".

Lam Hak-lam, 35 - who earned his nickname because of his resemblance to the singer-actor - was convicted in Eastern Court on October 11 on one count of indecent assault. A model said Lam ran his hand from her buttocks to her breast and rubbed her thigh during the show recorded on June 2 at the Morrison Plaza studio of online broadcaster

Lam, who was not legally represented, insisted before his conviction that he was "clear and clean", telling the court: "I am not guilty. The judge has super power to control other people's lives. It is very unfair to find [there was] sexual harassment."

However, at yesterday's sentencing, he struck a remorseful tone, saying: "I do feel it necessary to be isolated in prison, [which] will give me a chance to think about my behaviour. I learned a hard lesson and I realise I made a lot of mistakes."

The sentence will include his two-week remand in custody for evaluation at the Siu Lam Psychiatric Centre.

Lam asked the magistrate whether he could keep his long hair, for what would probably be seven days in prison.

Wyeth replied this decision should be made by Correctional Services officers.

Referring to his offence, Lam said he had wanted to make the show "more exciting", and he was "not so considerate to other people" at the time.

He also gave Wyeth a letter, which the magistrate accepted as showing Lam was genuine in his wish to be more considerate to people in future.

Previously, Lam said he behaved differently from other Chinese people because he had been exposed to other cultures.

He said he and his family suffered from mental illness, but psychiatric reports released yesterday said he did not need to be detained for mental-health treatment.

Lam's brother previously told a magazine that Lam travelled in Britain and South Africa after completing a master's degree in Australia, and he had worked for an IT company in South Africa. He said Lam had been detained in countries, including Rwanda and Bulgaria, for alleged indecent assaults and harassment.