Shops mislabelled 'olive oil', says watchdog

PUBLISHED : Friday, 16 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 16 November, 2012, 3:58am

An olive product containing oil obtained from processed pulp is being wrongly labelled in Chinese as olive oil when sold in Hong Kong, the Consumer Council has warned.

The mislabelling is not necessarily intentional, as the products are correctly described in English as olive pomace oil, but it could indicate a lack of understanding among retailers, the watchdog said yesterday.

Of 11 products labelled as olive pomace oil in English, five, from the Bontaste, First Choice, Gondola, Ottavia and Vecorn brands, bore the Chinese labels , or , which mean olive oil, pure olive oil or refined olive oil.

The council said the translation was wrong as the two were different products. Olive pomace oil refers to oil obtained by treating olive pulp, or pomace, with solvents or other treatments. The average retail price is HK$5 for 100ml.

Olive oil is obtained solely from the fruit and excludes oil obtained using solvents. Its price is an average HK$11 for 100ml.

Philip Leung Kwong-hon, the vice-chairman of the Consumer Council's publicity committee, said: "The two types of oil have similar nutrition value, but more accurate labelling would ensure consumers can make their own choices."

Wellcome and ParknShop said they would change the Chinese descriptions of the olive-pomace oils.

Meanwhile, a test by International Consumer Research and Testing found that four of 22 baby pushchairs available in Hong Kong fail to comply with European standards.

The four models - Graco Citi Lite R, Aprica Laura 700 4WF, Combi Miracle Turn Premier and Baby Star M2108 - have only one locking device to keep the pushchair from folding. Without a secondary lock, there is greater risk of a sudden collapse.

However, the council said, the four models complied with American standards and were considered safe under Hong Kong laws.




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