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Hong Kong accepting too many mainland Chinese immigrants, survey finds

PUBLISHED : Thursday, 22 November, 2012, 6:27pm
UPDATED : Thursday, 22 November, 2012, 10:05pm

The city is accepting too many immigrants from the mainland, according to half of the Hongkongers polled in a survey released on Thursday.

Of the more than 1,000 people surveyed, 50.6 per cent wanted to see a reduction in the number of mainland immigrants allowed into the city.

About 150 mainland immigrants per day, on average, have moved here since the 1997 handover – about 54,000 per year.

Only 16.8 per cent of respondents said the number of mainland immigrants should be increased.

The survey, by the Hong Kong Institute of Education, was conducted in February, asking 1,024 residents aged 18 or older about the impact the immigrants had on their economic well-being.

Over 21 per cent said there should be a “significant” decrease while almost 29 per cent supported a “slight” decrease in the immigrant flow.

Over half – 52.8 per cent – said new immigrants depended on the city’s welfare benefits rather than making contributions to society. Only 2.9 per cent thought the contrary, while 38.8 per cent thought the immigrants did both.

The researchers said the survey results showed Hongkongers had generally negative perceptions of new immigrants, fearing the arrivals would reduce their job opportunities and cut salary levels.

Professor Chou Kee-lee, who led the research, said Hongkongers most likely to hold negative views of new immigrants were women, elderly people and those with lower levels of education and affluence.


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best wishes and vvvvvv sorry for HKG
It's interesting that they needed to do a study to figure this out.
Most of the immigrants from the mainland are low quality, and they immediately dive into social welfare after arrival. They usually end up living in border towns so they can return to the mainland frequently to visit their wealth. In fact, the government gives them around HKD6000 when they arrive with no questions about need. It would appear that if they are presumed to need HKD6000, then they re not the best suited to immigrate to Hong Kong.
It seems clear that there is no real screening process for choosing immigrants who will actually benefit Hong Kong - only non-Chinese are screened. What's worse is that since the Hong Kong government has no way to verify their assets in CHina, many take subsidized housing in Hong Kong, while renting out multiple flats across the border.
Instead of making some effort to actually diversify the population with immigrants of various backgrounds, these new immigrants are coming to Hong Kong with warped and skewed senses of reality thanks to years of Communist propaganda.
Today's Hong Kong is not the Hong Kong of 1950 and new ways of thinking are needed. They say we need the immigrants because of the low birth rate without addressing the problems, such as outrageous property values, that are antifamily. Ultimately, this is a recipe for disaster - and will result in the ultimate demise of Hong Kong.


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