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Many Hongkongers urge cut in number of mainland Chinese immigrants

Survey shows that many Hongkongers feel the newcomers are stealing jobs, but one academic says such negative sentiment is dangerous

PUBLISHED : Friday, 23 November, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 23 November, 2012, 8:04am


  • Yes: 86%
  • No: 14%
23 Nov 2012
  • Yes
  • No
Total number of votes recorded: 588

Hongkongers' negative view of mainland immigrants is underlined by a survey in which half the respondents say the number of migrants should be reduced.

One academic says such attitudes could evolve dangerously into discrimination.

The Institute of Education conducted random phone interviews in February with 1,024 adults about how they view mainland immigrants and found more than half - 51 per cent - thought the number allowed into Hong Kong should decrease. Just over a quarter thought the number should stay the same, and less than a fifth said it should increase.

Chou Kee-lee, professor in the Department of Asian and Policy Studies at the institute, said: "This is worrisome. The sentiment needs to change. The government needs to face this problem before it gets worse."

Chou said a few new immigrants who had settled in the city on one-way permits were in the survey, but they accounted for less than 10 per cent.

Economic reasons played a major part in forming negative sentiments, Chou said, with a large number agreeing that new immigrants compete for economic resources.

In the poll results released yesterday, more than half - 53 per cent - said new immigrants enjoyed welfare benefits, but did not contribute to society, four out of 10 said migrants both enjoyed welfare benefits and contributed to society, while only 3 per cent thought they made contributions without enjoying welfare.

The view that new migrants lowered wage levels was held by almost half of those polled - 46.7 per cent - and almost four in 10 said they stole locals' jobs. Meanwhile more than a third thought a rise in new migrants would result in more crime.

"The government needs to change negative public sentiment through education, and increase policies targeting specifically immigrants to help them integrate," Chou said .

He said perceptions such as new immigrants stealing jobs, were on welfare or would increase the crime rate, might be unfounded. The government should clarify such urban myths.

No margin of error was given for the survey.


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HKers have a lot to learn from Macau, Taiwan and South Korea
Macau - one fifth the size of HK and one tenth the population. Still she could deal with 13b mainlanders properly and most Macauers are proud of being chinese.
Taiwan - They insist mainland is part of Taiwan and most are proud of being chinese with almost 10% population have settled in eastern part of China. Most are young and capable.
South Korea - They are proud of being korean and are determined to unify their country one day.
Despite the intangible core values of democracy, freedom and rule of law, HK achieves the followings
- High Suicide Rates (no better than that of China, charcoal burning vs self-immolation)
- Lower Birth Rate (lower than that of China, self abortion vs forced abortion)
- Higher Rate of Mental Disorder (witnessed in public places like libraries, markets)
- Fewer SMILING FACES on streets (if any, that must be the mainlander's. Or a HK psycho!)
Dirty statistics but anybody who has experiences of living in both places could tell you.

Mind your friends from abroad. Welcome to HONGKONG PRISON
- no spitting
- no littering
- no foul languages in public transports
- no eating and drinking in public transports
- no jay walk
- no smoking
- no stroller u-turn / no dogs / no kiteing / no noise / no sleep in the Parks & Gardens
- no no seat-belt-fastening
- no unauthorized protests
- no wandering / no stalking
- no stroll without ID cards
- no begging / no soliciting
- no street performing
- no hawkering
no no no....Hong Kong ? NO!
correct. you forgot - no defecating on the street. no running over small children and then fleeing the scene. no forced abortions of 7 month old fetuses.
also, no imbeciles like you. go jump off a bridge you moron.
As you said "no defecating on the street. no running over small children and then fleeing the scene. no forced abortions of 7 month old fetuses", these will soon be written down on the Laws of HK in light of the tendency.
Tell your friends abroad about these as well.
You HK psycho wwong888(rich rich rich) need not worry. I've left HK for china some 10 yrs ago !
all communist followers must be allowed to hong kong! this is part of scientific development which will bring glory and harmony! we must kick out those that believe in things like freedom of speech, rule of law and property rights! this is nonsense and not capital with fascist stalinsim which is our founding principle! conquer hong kong then taiwan next! all hail mao! great party will have great glory and we will poo all over democrats!
Can we do the version for non-China immigrants? Or maybe for specific ones? Can we distinguish genders when we do such surveys....
God, what's with SCMP quoting surveys in recent times with "half of the respondents" saying something. That always means the other half is saying something else.
Can we please not just focus on one part of the surveys in the future and keep with the facts.
Don't you get it? Those conducting the surveys have hidden agendas.
Hong Kong is a small city. How could we let 150 Chinese immigrate to here everyday ? It is crazy story and terrible behind. It is also the root course why we become poor. Please verify if I am correct or not.



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