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Leung Chun-ying
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Protesters urge Hong Kong Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to quit

As chief executive prepares for a showdown with legislators, protesters take to the streets

PUBLISHED : Monday, 10 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Monday, 10 December, 2012, 8:14am

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets yesterday urging Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to step down, on the eve of his public accounting for illegal structures at his home on The Peak.

Leung is expected to be questioned by lawmakers from across the political spectrum for at least 1-1/2 hours in the Legislative Council today.

A motion of no confidence is to be tabled in Legco on Wednesday and there has been talk of impeachment proceedings.

In the first big public protest over the saga, about 400 people - holding placards and chanting "CY step down" - said they had had enough of a "cheating" chief executive.

"Leung has no integrity at all. He just cannot stop lying," one protester said. "I still remember how he attacked [chief executive rival] Henry Tang Ying-yen about his basement during an election forum [in March]."

At the time, Leung criticised Tang for having a luxurious 2,300sq ft illegal basement under his Kowloon Tong house. The attack has come back to haunt Leung after he admitted, on November 23, having a much smaller, unused illegal extension in the basement of his own house at 4 Peel Rise, among several other illegal structures. It was the first time he had owned up to the structures since the media disclosed the unauthorised works five months ago.

Leung said he realised the existence of the extension as early as October last year - drawing criticism that he had "cheated" in the election by attacking Tang.

Lawmaker Wu Chi-wai of the Democratic Party, which organised the march from Chater Garden to the government headquarters in Admiralty, said pan-democrats were planning further action, including a rally on January 1 which pan-democrats say they expect will draw hundreds of thousands of people.

Wu, the initiator of the motion of no confidence to be tabled on Wednesday, said his party would also support impeachment of Leung.

Radical factions in the pan-democratic camp, including People Power and the League of Social Democrats, formed an "Anti-CY Alliance". They said they would mobilise supporters to surround Government House in Central, where Leung lives, after the January 1 rally.

Leung's allies, including Executive Council convenor Lam Woon-kwong and Lew Mon-hung - a delegate to the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference - said the public hoped the new administration would be given time and space to roll out its policies.

"We can criticise Leung over his handling of the illegal structures and he should apologise for that. But it is irrelevant to what he has done [for the city] after he became chief executive," said Lew.


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Same feelings to the oppositions, Pan dems. Nothing but childish noise makers with no substance. How can we let them lead us to a better future? Makes Leung a much better choice at least for now.
All HKers do now is nitpick and try to find fault in every single thing the government or the CE does.... Who the hell cares about these stupid illegal structures... Just get it fixed and get it over and done with.. If these stupid protests happened in other countries, even places that are "free", like in the US or Europe, you can be sure these protesters would have all been thrown in jail already... HK government (and the Chinese one) are way too lenient on these idiots who try to protest about everything and anything...
Not even a majority hkers. Just some small group of pipsqueaks making high pitched whining noises. Worse of all, this press has got nothing better to report. Everyone's just doing their day job really...
I remember that time they brought up news on tv about pigs captured in HK island and Kwun Tong... Yay.. keep it up people!
Either both of you miss the point or else you work for Elsie Leung and it is just the rest of us who don't understand rule of law. The CE is "chosen" by less than 1% of HK residents. When first the front-running candidate and now the chosen candidate are both found to have violated the law, the lack of material consequence brings into focus how undemocratic the HK political system really is. That the CE does not simply come clean and ask for clemency but instead maintains a thick face while details trickle out only aggravates the sense of discontent. What you dismiss as trivial is nothing less than the principle of equal treatment under law.
However undemocratic we are, we are still much more less corrupted than the democratic institutions of the West with a handful of scandanvian's countries being an exception.
Perhaps you have your head up your butt hole for a while, but not very long ago the USA re elected a President who got their country into a illegal war, sending its soldiers to die for nothing and to murder more than a million of Iraqis and got their whole country into a tremendous debt trap & he got relected. A litle closer to home we got Taiwan, who re elected a leader who is so obviousily corrupted by siffoning billions away from Gov't coffers. In Europe , Greece, Italy, Spain, etc is hardly doing any better.
This have nothing to with HK being democratic or not, its just a bunch of opposition lawmakers trying to cause as much havoc as possible, not matter how trival and idiotic it may seem. I fail to see any logic in your rant, BTW don't Albert Ho and a few of these opposition lawmakers have illegal structures too and exposed already? O i forgot, they are not the CE and they work under the banner of Democracy, we can certainly let them pass, unlike wolfy CY.
Yeah well, did they vote for fat pang? I see much progress, after more than a century of imperial rule China has allowed Hong Kong people a greater degree of control of their own lives. Laws are defined by qualified people, not by a mob and certainly not journalists.
A lot of people had illegal structures, you don't see em' all resign their daytime job do you?
See if this helps you understand, Rizkinglychee. You find that your domestic helper has been routinely lying and cheating you. You fire her forthwith. You view and sign a lease on an apartment with three bedrooms but when you get the keys, one of the rooms has been bricked up. You report the matter to the police and call your lawyer. C Y Leung is your leader (not that you had any say in that) and you know that he's been cheating (first) and lying (second, third, fourth, ...). What do you do about it?
Give the man a chance to show what he can do first! If he is ousted, who can replace him? Long hair? Albert Ho? I for one would be really worried if that happens.
i don't understand how this petty issue can lead to the ousting of a leader? who cares! let him get some work done. i'd rather ask for his impeachment if he doesn't stand up for hong kong then because he has an extra wall. ridiculous.
Agree, agree. Even in a court of law, the punishment has to fit the crime. Fine him X dollars if you must, but let him carry on with his work.



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