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Leung Chun-ying
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Chief Executive CY Leung set to survive 'no confidence' vote

But chief executive is not out of the woods yet, with popularity falling and signs of wavering support among pro-establishment lawmakers

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 12 December, 2012, 7:04am

Leung Chun-ying is set to survive today's vote of no confidence in the Legislative Council over illegal structures, despite signs of weakening support from pro-establishment lawmakers.

The beleaguered chief executive's popularity has plunged further in the latest poll conducted a week after he issued a 14-page statement on November 23 about illegal structures at his home on The Peak.

His rating of 49.2 points was 3.1 points down from two weeks ago - the biggest drop since he assumed office in July.

During Monday's question-and-answer session in Legco, Leung apologised five times for his handling of the matter.

But this has failed to put an end to his predicament.

Leung yesterday clarified that one of his controversial remarks on Monday - "In my memory, I did not say I had no illegal structure" - referred to the election debate in March, when he attacked rival Henry Tang Ying-yen's 2,250 sq ft illegal basement in his house in Kowloon Tong. "The remark was not to avoid responsibility. I was only replying to a lawmaker's question," he said.

"As the owner of the house, I am responsible for the illegal structures and I apologise once again for my negligence."

Liberal Party lawmaker James Tien Pei-chun, who asked that question on Monday, said yesterday the party would abstain in today's no confidence vote. He denied the party had come under pressure from Beijing or the central government's liaison office.

"Supporting the motion means we want him to step down," said Tien. "It will create many problems and we decided to give him another chance."

Other pro-establishment parties said they would oppose the motion even though they were dissatisfied with Leung's performance on Monday.

New People's Party's Michael Tien Puk-sun said: "If there is a vote of no respect, I will be the first one to vote for it."

Independent lawmaker Paul Tse Wai-chun was the only one from the pro-establishment camp who said he would support the motion. The no confidence motion, moved by Democratic Party lawmaker Wu Chi-wai, would require majority support from both functional constituencies and directly elected members to pass.

Wu admitted the chances of it being passed were slim.

Leung also faced more grilling yesterday evening as he attended the second regional forum at Youth Square in Chai Wan before his maiden policy address.

While most of the 20 members of the audience raised suggestions on various issues, including the shortage of public housing and elderly dental care, four questioned Leung on the illegal structures controversy.

They included League of Social Democrats member Wong Ho-ming, who covered his face with a mask of Henry Tang Ying-yen and questioned whether Leung would open his Stanley flat for media inspection.

Shouts of "Down, down, Leung Chun-ying" echoed through the theatre, while his fans chanted: "Support CY!"

On the calls for his resignation, Leung said: "I have heard the voices of those who criticised me. I will humbly review my work and strive for improvement."


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The behaviour and wordings by Long Hair, Wong Yuk-man and Chan Wai Yip at the Legco meetings need much to be desired. Imagine that debate in Legco, like the U.K. Parliment Debate, was to be broadcast to the rest of the developed world? How does Hong Kong stand? Why were these prople given so much time to make a fool of themselves? Knowing that their role was to upset, delay or stop important issues proposed to be done, why was their filibustering being allowed in a civilised world class city like Hong Kong? Are they being sponsored to do the task by those opposition parties? It is time for the Government to put their foot down to disqualify these people if they continue to behave in such a impolite ill bred manners. Imagine children, the next generation, the next pillar of Hong Kong are exposed to watch such shameful behaviour and mamic after them!
Can't agree more! These three persons should be impeached. All they did is to behave badly in Legco, get kicked out, and did nothing constructive at all, and getting a big fat pay cheque at our tax payers' expense.
Oh yes, if these people were not allowed to make a fool of themselves with their behaviour, I'd bet the pan-democrats will be crying "we have lost our freedom of speech, or expression" under the C. Y. Leung's government.
>>"During the controversial 2012 Chief Executive election, underdog Leung unexpectedly beat Henry Tang, the early favorites to win, after Tang was discredited after a scandal over an illegal structure at his home."<<
How naive you must be to believe this. Henry Tang did not lose his election because of the "illegal structure" at his home. Henry Tang did lose because he handled the scandal and HIS crisis poorly. He showed, that he was not able to stand against the accusation and wildfire against him and was instable in his confidence and helpless. Not a sign of strong leadership and master of his own. Henry Tang was then considered as a puppet and a politician with no confidence and own mindset. This was his downfall and the only result out of his crisis. The illegal structure in his home was not the reason but the trigger to lead to the reason of his failure. There is a big difference in it. It was even not Henry Tangs house but his wife's and he had no idea about the details of the constructions. The voters did not care about the structure, they did care about how Henry Tang mastered the crisis and it was poor and disastrous for himself. He is not of a leader's material and that was the reason why he lost to CY Leung.
Is it this what the Pan-democrates only can do? Attacking CY over something, what is usual existent in HK in 99% of all houses and apartments? Even in my house I found out some minor by term illegal structure on the rooftop I never have been aware of all those years. On political issues they can not stand against CY, so they try it on some ridiculous minor personal issues. So what does this tells us? Not, that the Pan-Democrates are incompetent in political and social issues? That they are much overpaid and overstated in the position they are in? This all is getting to become a big farce and theater play on cost of HK citizen's money and future. Really, they should now focus, if they are able to, on the one thing they are paid for. Govern HK and planning the future. They are wasting my time and money just to make "fun" and try to cover up their own inability/incompetence to make politics and govern HK.
So this is what we should expect with democracy in HK. "Reps" and "Law Makers" childish fights and quarrels like in a Kid's playground. If I had some little respect for those so called reps. of the Pan-Democrates, now not anymore. Really, a ridiculous and childish Kindergarten fight I must say.
The problem is as you say - we just don't know ourselves what is an illegal structure or not most of the time. CY may have been a surveyor but for a while now he has been a politician and he probably doesn't have the knowledge or time to keep abreast of legislation. But really he just suffers like the vast majority of us in that the Gov't suddenly decided to get serious about illegal structures after decades of indifference.
I hope no one will accuse me of being unable to do my job or of lying, but I have to admit now that I have a small trellis on my roof. I honestly didn't know it was illegal until I heard about it from CYs case. I am sorry. If Long Hair and co really insist then I am willing to make a full public apology.
The running chihuahuas can't get their teeth on anything. Maybe they'll criticize Leung's expensive haircut next, seeing as some of the fence climbing rats can't afford a decent one....
Are we making a mountain out of a molehill? This will be the first time in any country's history that a head of government is being brought down just for minor renovations to his home, when the majority of HK homes will have similar works done. Isn't this too petty for words? He has apologised, made amends to his walls and trellises, and grovelled. Can we please move on to let governance go on? Has he not made up for it by his performance in other areas, as in the Chinese saying 'Use merit to absolve sins' (將功贖罪)?
Or is the opposition determined to bring Leung down no matter the cost or the excuse?
It's about time these pan-democrats put an end to this circus and focus on the important and critical issues facing the HK people. What will a no-confidence vote means? It's nothing but a waste of tax payers money. CY is actually the first CE who is willing to tackle the real issues of poverty, housing, etc. other than just paying lip services, unlike his predecessor Donald. Give him time to focus and do his work. If he failed to deliver what he promised in his election policies, then, and only then we can vote no-confidence or even impeach him. So far he has delivered on the special old age allowance despite the filibustering of these radical pan-democrats, who does nothing but disrupt the legco. They are the ones who should be impeached for failing their oath of serving HK people.
Dai Muff
The Hong Kong people voted for the pan-Democrats. They did not vote, or have the opportunity to vote, for CY Leung. And they clearly, overwhelmingly, would not have. And how hard would it be to say categorically: "No, there was no extension in my former Stanley apartment."?
Yes, they did in a mock election organized by, if I remembered correctly, the University of HK. Yes, half the votes cast were blank, interpreted as "protest", yet, they could but did not vote for the pan-democrat candidate, Albert Ho, and C.Y. Leung received the most votes. What dd it tell you?
It's not hard to say categorically "No, there was no extension in my former Stanley apartment." With the nit picking of the pan-democrats, I'll bet they will try to find some flaws in his words to prolong this rather than doing something constructive for HK.
As I said, give him time to serve HK before we pass judgement on his ability, integrity and what have you. Let him hang himself with the rope we give him so to speak.


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