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Leung Chun-ying
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Pan-democrats will table motion to impeach CY Leung

Lawmakers agree to launch bid against chief executive on January 7 - but without backing of pro-establishment camp it looks doomed to fail

PUBLISHED : Friday, 21 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 21 December, 2012, 4:48pm

A movement to impeach the chief executive will be launched in the legislature for the first time since the handover, with 27 pan-democratic lawmakers agreeing to make a symbolic but futile attempt to get Leung Chun-ying out of the job.

The impeachment motion looks doomed from the start, with pro-establishment legislators clearly stating they would not support the motion to be tabled on January 9. But one political analyst said there could still be an outside chance if there was a large turnout for the scheduled January 1 protest and if the anti-Leung sentiment persisted.

The motion, to be tabled by League of Social Democrats lawmaker "Long Hair" Leung Kwok-hung, requires majority support from both functional constituencies and directly elected lawmakers to pass.

Over the past two weeks, the pan-democrats have failed in their bids to pass a motion of no confidence and to launch a special inquiry against Leung. The chief executive's integrity came under question after controversies surrounding illegal structures at his home on The Peak.

Civic Party lawmaker Dennis Kwok Wing-hang, who drafted the legal part of the motion with veteran democrat Martin Lee Chu-ming, said there was enough evidence of Leung giving false statements in front of lawmakers when he attended the Legco question-and-answer sessions on July 16 and December 9.

"The chief executive has to be accountable to Legco under the Basic Law," Kwok, also a barrister, said. "On that basis he has breached his constitutional duty and that justified [our motion charging Leung with] dereliction of duty." All 27 pan-democrats have agreed to sign the motion.

According to Basic Law article 73, a motion of investigation could be initiated when one-fourth of 70 lawmakers charge the chief executive with a serious breach of law or dereliction of duty. Upon its passage, the chief justice of the Court of Final Appeal could form an independent investigation committee. A motion of impeachment could then be moved if the committee finds sufficient evidence to substantiate the charges. It will require the support by a two-thirds majority of lawmakers and the result will be reported to the central government for a decision.

The decision yesterday to start the impeachment procedure coincided with Leung's first duty visit to Beijing. But Leung said the topic did not come up when he met Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Communist Party. "I value the different opinions from Legco and the public. In the future, I will put my focus on the economy and livelihood issues," he said.

Lawmaker Ip Kwok-him, of the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, said the doubts against Leung "did not meet the standard" for an impeachment. Unionist lawmaker Wong Kwok-hing said the impeachment motion was merely a gesture to boost turnout at the January 1 rally.

Chinese University political scientist Ivan Choy Chi-keung said: "The number of people taking to the streets on January 1 will be decisive for the pan-democrats' strategy."


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People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. I live in Mui Wo. Until recently a well known Democratic Party member had a nice little house here. Blinding outside lights led to a raised platform built onto the back of the house and sitting just under the rooftop illegal structure. I assume it was illegal anyway as it was all hastily removed last year. Oh, well never mind let's throw some more stones at CY! Can we impeach impeachers?
Good observation and comment. Those pan-democrats who tabled and supported the impeachment motion should declare that they never had any illegal structures in the past 20 or 30 years at their homes. Now that's what I would call INTEGRITY! Wake-up pan-democrats, let's do something constructive to the improve the livelihood of HK people instead of wasting our money on dragging this saga on.
hard times !
Just read the impeachment prepared by both experienced barrister,Martin Lee Chu-ming and solicitor,Kwok Wing-hang and one will understand why there should be and need to an impeachment against this newly elected / appointed so-called Chief Executive in twon---C.Y.Leung who might have 'grabbed' his present post through a dishonest means---cheating ! He deliberately hid the fact of his numerous illegal structures built both at his Peak home and Stanley home so as to get the top post which offers him the chance to lodge at the Government House---fulfilling a childrhood dream---living inside that grand mansion which has a spacious garden !
Red guard reporting for duty?
it is time for the silent Hong Kongers who truly love Hong Kong and have heart for the betterment of Hong Kong to consider impeaching these few so called Pan-democrats; they clearly have their own agenda, which run counter to the interest of the Hong Kong people. These few Pan-democrats ought to realise their chosen actions are accoutable and answerable to the Hong Kong people. Sadly they remind me of the "Gang of Four" during China's Cultural Revolution!
Agree! Too bad there is no way of impeaching these few so called pan-democrats. I would love to see them resigned to protest should the impeachment of C.Y. failed.
hard times !
After reading the content of the document concerning the impeachment launched against Chief Executive,I find it absolutely necessary to do so.The charges against Leung who is alleged of breaching the Basic Law in his words and acts in the past months---during his election campaign of the Chief Executive Election and after he took over the top post in town. Just wait and see how this impeachment will adversely affect C.Y.'s prestige and image.
Why won't Pan-D's clean out their own house first? Its not like Albert Ho and many other of thier phoney members have not been found guilty of having illegal structures at home. Albert HO perhaps should show the say and back up its ranting with action and quit first.
Having been raised in one of the most democratic countries in Europe I fully support any democratic activity. But democracy does not mean to categorically object the government or the opposition.
While using all their energies and spending most of their times to categorically oppose any motion and activity of the government, can the democratic camp tell us what they have done for the betterment of Hong Kong since the election? What constructive and workable proposals have you made for the supply of affordable living space, reduction in air pollution, improvement of quality of education, improving retirement schemes to name just a few. And I mean pro-active proposal to improve and not objecting government proposals.
You were elected to pro-actively offer better proposals and not to waste your and the governments time to only and always object. Do your job the truly democratic way, otherwise the people of Hong Kong may impeach you for not doing your job with a truly democratic spirit.
Whatever CY committed is not offense serious enough deserving impeachment. Whether he is found lacking in integrity or not- and to what extent- is a matter in the eye of the beholder. It is enough CY suffers enough red faces. The Pan-D should move on to do something more constructive as surely the "impeachment" is not going anywhere but a waste of time of LegCo.


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