Two more cooking oils contain carcinogenic Benzopyrene

PUBLISHED : Friday, 28 December, 2012, 12:00am
UPDATED : Friday, 28 December, 2012, 5:21am

Two more cooking oil samples have been found to contain a cancer-causing substance at levels higher than the European Union or mainland limit.

The findings come a week after four out of 39 oil samples tested by the Centre for Food Safety were found to have levels of the carcinogenic Benzopyrene exceeding the EU's standard.

The centre said yesterday that one of the latest samples collected from 23 locations contained 14 micrograms of the carcinogen per kilogram, exceeding the mainland's legal limit of 10.

Another, at 3.1 micrograms per kilogram, exceeded the EU's limit of two.

The highest concentration was found in a sample from New World Enterprise (HK). It was from the same batch of a brand of peanut oil that was the source of two of the contaminated samples discovered earlier this month.

The second sample was from distributor Shing Hing Oil Company, for which New World Enterprise is a supplier.

The chemical was not detected - or was below the EU limit - in the other samples, the centre said.

It added that the problematic batch from mainland manufacturer Qingdao Changsheng Group, which New World Enterprise imports from, had not been screened by the local quarantine bureau, as is usual practice.

The firm said shipment to Hong Kong of the brand of peanut oil involved in the contamination had been suspended until the results of its tests are known.