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Leung Chun-ying
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Police in show of force for Leung Chun-ying rallies

A law-and-order nightmare looms with tens of thousands expected to demonstrate for and against the chief executive on the same day

PUBLISHED : Tuesday, 01 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Tuesday, 01 January, 2013, 7:34am

One-third of the police force on Hong Kong Island will be deployed today to keep rival protest groups in good order for what a police source described as the city's "most complicated security situation" in two years.

Tens of thousands of protesters from eight groups - five against Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying and three in favour - will gather in Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Central and Western district to express different, sometimes conflicting political views.

Some protests will share the same route or be close to each other, raising fears of scuffles.

A senior police source said it was rare for so many groups with opposing goals to hold rallies on the same day and described it as "the most complicated situation" of the past two years.

Protest organisers said they would arrange for "hundreds of marshals" to help keep order.

On Sunday, two TV journalists were attacked by demonstrators at a pro-government rally in Victoria Park, raising concerns about more trouble today. But the police source said the force was "fully prepared", with up to 1,000 officers on duty, or about one-third of the officers stationed on Hong Kong Island.

"Police will not be siding with either camp," said the source, adding that police would "take a flexible approach" to roadside political stalls along march routes despite the ban announced last week.

"We do not allow the stalls because they could obstruct other protests along the same route," the source said. "We will give warnings to those who set up stalls, and the last thing we want is to arrest the stallholders."

Chief Superintendent Eddie Wong Kwok-wai said: "We want the rallies to take place peacefully but we will take action if the laws are broken."

Icarus Wong Ho-yin, a vice-convenor of the Civil Human Rights Front - organisers of an anti-Leung march from Victoria Park to the government headquarters in Admiralty - said the group would call up around 200 marshals to keep order. The organisers have notified police of a turnout of 50,000 but expect more people will join.

"We were not so worried about order before, but we were shocked to see what happened on Sunday and fear it may be repeated" today, he said.

"We will ask marshals to look out for anyone sneaking into the crowd and creating chaos. If an argument arises, we hope our marshals will move in as quickly as possible and appeal to everyone to stay apart and keep calm."

A pro-Leung rally is scheduled for 3pm to 8pm at the Tamar Park Amphitheatre, organised by the Voice of Loving Hong Kong. Anti-Leung protesters will gather nearby from 7pm.

Patrick Ko Tat-pun, convenor of the pro-Leung rally, said they would have 20 to 30 marshals to maintain order, and would film any violence.


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hard times !
The police's show of force during the march of anti-Leung marchers by setting up so many barricades along their route is really too much since they are intended to curb any citizens/passers-by from joining the marchers in the mid-way except starting from Victoria Park.No wonder,some anti-leung activists led by Long-hair's People's Power are now surrounding the Government House and will probably stay there the whole night.Their retreat to the road centre of Queen's Road Central and sitting down is the only exit maybe.Our cops have to blame for what happened ! On the other hand,the rude and unlawful acts committed by pro-leung elements were treated leniently---just asking them to behave instead of arresting ! Shame on our cops and local leftist elements !
First, fool, I am not a not in favor of the prior colonial regime. What I do support is a vigorously autonomous HK and an independent HK akin to an independent Singapore but your masters on the Mainland would never let that happen. As to Lu Pung, I care not one iota for what he spouts as he wants us to be good little servants to the Party. Sorry Lu Pung, but we are real people with real brains and real education and we are capable of thinking. That said he does seem to carry the mantle of moron in this case. As usual, you PRC worshippers see anyone who does not worship the Party the way you do as seeking a return to colonial status. Well, at least you are amusing. Now run along and beg for some nice scraps that the visitors leave in TST for you. Pathetic.
It's 'LU PING' ( 魯平 ) dummy, not "Lu Pung". At least you could take the trouble to learn a little about Hong Kong and China's histories before mouthing off about wanting independence for Hong Kong!
Go and join your friends in their colonial flag waving activities. ( God knows why they do this..... the British never allowed this degree of dissent on the streets of Hong Kong) . Tonight's TV news also showed these idiots playing the British national anthem as well as waving flags.
In 1967, the British authorities in Hong Kong locked people away for months without trial for lesser displays of dissent.
Last night I thought I was unduly harsh calling you a fool but now I see that I was too soft. You apparently were dropped on your head as a child, repeatedly. Either way, Lu Ping or Li Pung is a tool who cannot handle dissent, as you seem to be. Either way, if HK gives up the autonomy that was fought for on its behalf even if the Brits did not do it themselves then they can fall into the natural place as the 6th largest city in China. As to you, enjoy the butt kissing. Asia's World City, what a joke. If Captam gets his way the businesses will go to China and HK will be begging for crumbs. Wait? Is that already happening. No. Beijing promised.
ejmcilli: if you do support an independent HK akin to an independent Singapore, you should join the "We are HK People, not Chinese" group as captam suggested earlier. Singapore people are at least a different race from Malaysian, and British, while HK people are CHINESE! You can never change that!
Mae, Singaporeans are an amalgamation of races and they like it. They are chinese, malay, indian and 100 other nationalities. And it works hence the reason why people and companies move there and away from here. As to HK, do you deny that there are other races here. Should they leave? If so, say it. You are hardly Asia's World City then. And being ethnic Chinese does not mean you MUST be PRC Chinese people. There are Chinese the world over but they do not need Beijing to tell them what being Chinese means or is. Open your tiny mind.
ejmciii, You're right about being ethnic Chinese does not mean you MUST be PRC Chinese people. Like it or not, HK is part of China, officially PRC. The United Nation does not recognize Hong Kong as a sovereign State, and in saying "We are HK people, not Chinese" is ridiculous! Are these people trying to make HK an independent state?
In addition, don't mix up citizenship with ethnicity.
I don't make that mistake, Mae. HK used to be an international city. Now it is the 6th largest city in China. HK is part of China but with a difference. What would be nice is for HK people to try to keep what makes them different from the folks on the mainland. If they do not want to, so be it, but once you lose the right to speak your mind, do you think the Ministry of Propaganda and the PLA are going to let you speak your mind again when the people on the Mainland cannot. I hope that your 30 pieces of silver from the Party were worth it, Mae. Best of luck.
@ejmciii : see below



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