It's a boy! First baby of 2013 born at St Teresa's Hospital

Twenty-five minutes past midnight, third son of local couple becomes HK's first baby of the year

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 02 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Wednesday, 02 January, 2013, 4:00am

For the second time in five years, Hong Kong's new year baby was born to local parents instead of mainlanders who have been coming here to give birth.

The cry of a newborn boy pierced the air at St Teresa's Hospital 25 minutes after midnight yesterday - marking the arrival of the city's first baby of 2013.

His parents Stephen Chan Hon-wai and Carrie Leung Ka-lai, both 38-year-old Hong Kong residents, said the child - who weighed 3.1 kg - was the best gift to their two other sons.

"I hope they will take good care of each other and love each other when they grow up," Leung said with a smile as she held the baby in her arms.

"I just want to see them grow up happily and hope that they don't face too much stress. Parents nowadays give their children too much pressure. It's not the way I want to raise my children."

Leung said she did not have difficulty securing a maternity bed space this time, unlike when she gave birth to her now 21/2-year-old son.

She also voiced support for the "zero quota" policy for non-local women giving birth in Hong Kong this year, saying that the city's medical resources should be enjoyed by Hongkongers.

Several hospitals, including St Teresa's Hospital and the Hong Kong Adventist Hospitals, said yesterday that they have no bookings from non-local mothers for this year.

Leung's baby marked only the second time in five years that Hong Kong's new year child was born to parents who are both Hongkongers. Last year, the new year baby's mother was a mainlander although the father was local. In 2010 and 2009, parents of the new year babies were all mainlanders.

The second child born in the city this year - 38 minutes after midnight - was another baby boy at the United Christian Hospital.

Meanwhile, a couple who wanted to be known only as Mr and Mrs Leung, and whose baby boy was born in the Kwong Wah Hospital one hour and 24 minutes after midnight, said all they hope for their 3.08kg baby is that he grows up happy.

Their baby was the fifth child to be born in Hong Kong in 2013.