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Jackie Chan back in action, branding US more corrupt than China

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 January, 2013, 8:31am

Action star Jackie Chan has once again sparked controversy by branding America the world's "most corrupt" country in a TV interview.

His comments were slammed by The Washington Post's foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher as "anti-American" and a reflection of China's insecurity about itself.

Chan told Phoenix TV that China has been bullied by international powers for a long time and only began making progress in recent years.

Chan added that while China has a corruption problem, so do other nations, including America.

"If you talk about corruption, the entire world - America - has no corruption?" said the actor.

He went on to say America is "the most corrupt [country] in the world" - not China. "Where does this great breakdown [of corruption] come from? It started exactly from the [rest of the] world, the United States … If our own countrymen don't support our country, who will?" he said.

The interview to promote his new movie CZ12 was aired in December and translated into English by website Ministry of Tofu, but only alighted on by the US newspaper this week.

During the show, Chan also claimed that Chinese people should only criticise China among their own people, and not to foreigners.

"We [can] talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, [we should say], 'our country is the best'," he advised.

The programme then began rolling credits before Chan could finish his speech.

Chan's remarks have angered parts of the online community, both at home and abroad.

In The Washington Post's blog post, entitled The Anti-Americanism of Jackie Chan, Fisher said many US citizens familiar with Chan's movies would be surprised by his views.

"To the degree that Chan's comments were anti-American, they likewise reflect a common Chinese view of the United States, one that is rooted not just in attitudes toward America but in China's proud, but sometimes insecure, view of itself," Fisher said.

Chan recently sparked controversy for suggesting protesters be restricted in Hong Kong, and claiming he used "guns and grenades" to see off triad members.


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There is corruption on every level of politics in every country! He merely stated a fact! This is part of the issue with social media, mainstream media and what it has created in people or brought out in people! Hatred!!!! Again, he stated a FACT! Anyone that does not think our country or that most politicians are corrupt, your kidding yourself and should be angry at yourselves and not someone that stated a truth! We get so mad at others when we hear something we don't like, even if it is true! Maybe we need to stop trying to blame others and try to come together to fix the problem. Instead we just get angry, boycott and in most cases over react, instead of looking at the issues and trying to fix them!
Does not bother me what he said, not for the reasons others are bothered, I'm bothered by the fact corruption is wide-spread and we don't seem to be able to do anything about it!
Also note, What Jackie Chan says is pretty insignificant as it comes to our country so like Garry simmons said, who gives a rats a@@ what Jackie thinks or says! Ok people, you can all go about your lives now!
It would appear Mr. Chan had a great many dealings with Democrats.
Who gives a rat's a@@ what Jackie thanks?
Perhaps Jackie should try vacationing in North Korea
My first gut reaction was to think "Who the F*&K do you think you are?" But after thinking about it for a minute or two, and considering the recent POTUS Election, Maybe he's right!
Jacky!!!!! You can't go around and tell the truth. That is the one thing Americans hate even more than communists.
Jackie, there is nothing worse than biting the hand that feeds you.
It was never like this before Obama. Obama the great satan has created this environment. Obama has ordered more people killed than any other World Leader.
Goodbye Jackie, I enjoyed a couple of your B movies.
With all the truly corrupt countries in the world Jackie Chan defines the US as the most corrupt. Give me a damn break. Maybe he should put his convictions where his mouth is and retun the millions he earned here, and then make sure that he never sets foot in the country again. Ungrateful does not even begin to define this sorry individual. As far as I am concerned his career is dead.




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