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Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan (Chan Kong-sang) is a Hong Kong-born actor and action choreographer best known for his role as Detective Inspector Lee in Rush Hour. He is notable for bringing humour to martial arts movies and, over the course of appearing in more than 150 films, has become one of the only actors to perform all of his own stunts. Chan, an ambassador for UNICEF/UNAIDS, has received stars on the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. An operatically trained vocalist, Chan is also a Cantopop and Mandopop star, having released a number of albums and sung many of the theme songs for the films in which he has starred. 

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Jackie Chan back in action, branding US more corrupt than China

PUBLISHED : Saturday, 12 January, 2013, 12:00am
UPDATED : Saturday, 12 January, 2013, 8:31am

Action star Jackie Chan has once again sparked controversy by branding America the world's "most corrupt" country in a TV interview.

His comments were slammed by The Washington Post's foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher as "anti-American" and a reflection of China's insecurity about itself.

Chan told Phoenix TV that China has been bullied by international powers for a long time and only began making progress in recent years.

Chan added that while China has a corruption problem, so do other nations, including America.

"If you talk about corruption, the entire world - America - has no corruption?" said the actor.

He went on to say America is "the most corrupt [country] in the world" - not China. "Where does this great breakdown [of corruption] come from? It started exactly from the [rest of the] world, the United States … If our own countrymen don't support our country, who will?" he said.

The interview to promote his new movie CZ12 was aired in December and translated into English by website Ministry of Tofu, but only alighted on by the US newspaper this week.

During the show, Chan also claimed that Chinese people should only criticise China among their own people, and not to foreigners.

"We [can] talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, [we should say], 'our country is the best'," he advised.

The programme then began rolling credits before Chan could finish his speech.

Chan's remarks have angered parts of the online community, both at home and abroad.

In The Washington Post's blog post, entitled The Anti-Americanism of Jackie Chan, Fisher said many US citizens familiar with Chan's movies would be surprised by his views.

"To the degree that Chan's comments were anti-American, they likewise reflect a common Chinese view of the United States, one that is rooted not just in attitudes toward America but in China's proud, but sometimes insecure, view of itself," Fisher said.

Chan recently sparked controversy for suggesting protesters be restricted in Hong Kong, and claiming he used "guns and grenades" to see off triad members.


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admired for his talent, mr. chan has turned into a marketing populist to gain an even wider reception in mainland China. he would say anything to accomplish this objective. corruption is a human phenomena, which exists everywhere, but the chinese familiy system is a true green house for it to flourish.
Hey guys, give him a break! I have already stated my opinions earlier (Jan 14 2013 at 1.34pm) and although I do not agree with him, he is entitled to his opinion. If you are true democrats, you should at least respect a different view!
Well, nobody's perfect. He's a good actor but he's also misguided by propaganda from the Chinese government.
The United States is not angel when it comes to an effective government that operates with its people in mind. But compared to a China; a country which punishes its own citizens for speaking their minds, force them out of their homes to make way for another factory, allows companies to produce food and buildings made out unacceptable materials, or has officials who launder money and abuse power? And even then, there's countries like Zimbabwe and former Myanmar with leaders who live in decadence while doing nothing for the rest of the country suffering from an outrageous economy, and oppress anyone who complains.
Compared to them, America is still a country that allows their people to have actual say in how their government operates, and have no fear at expressing opinions that the government disagrees with.
Guys... the real statistics don't agree with him, but comon,,, he learned this from HK, to be a free man and express freely.... btw he is mostly representing HK than China overseas... :)
well, Jacky Chan is how he is. A uneducated man, wannabe actor and singer. He can not act, even he is trying very hard and he can not sing as a bunch of teenagers in a KTV bar can do it better.
All he can do is Kungfu but even Donny Yen is saying that Jacky Chan is actually too slow for this sport. So, he can not act, he can not sing, and for Kung Fu actually too slow. Remaining, he is a comedian. A clown and funny "Chinese". He was lucky that he was one of the "Lucky Seven" with a famous Master. But Jacky even insulted his Master when he told the media, his Master was very strict, harsh and brutal to them as kids. So, how this defines the person Jacky Chan? Stupid? yes, a bad person? maybe, considering how he treated his unlawful son when his son was still young, he did not accepted him. A joke? for sure. A bad person after all? Well, that everybody can discuss. He for sure is not an example and idol for my kids.
David Anderson
He can't say much else, otherwise it's a bullet to the back of the head for him, and possibly his family.
How about this, why don't you give back all this corrupted American money, back to Americans, and take your hind end to china and live there? Go back there and work in a sweat factory for 18 hours a day for about $1.50 a day. Maybe you can go live in one of those Chinese prisons, who arrest people based on their bodies, so they can be used in human body exhibitions. They need good specimens to sell for this traveling cadaver show. I mean come on Jackie how corrupt is that, that the Chinese government falsely imprisons people just to sell their bodies for display? So, go ahead, move to China, give back all your corrupted American dollars, and never come back!
This is the same Jackie Chan who also called November 6th, 2012...ERECTION day!
oooowwww USA wery cowupt...
Let's see, Jackie Chan and that guy doing the Gangnam style both trashing the USA, hmm is this a trend? Is it justified?
Do not attempt to control that TV set: We control the Vertical....
Are there any within the USA thinking that maybe with the Government going after our 2nd amendment we should take a closer look at what our government is doing? How about the Banker Bail Out (Now called QE-X) or Obama Care? Is the Government Corrupt in any way?
What Me Worry? What could happen??
Think Zimbabwe a moment. This is the most recent example of a hyperinflationary depression. Basically in Zimbabwe the black nationalists (illegal aliens and those on welfare, food stamps) ejected the white farmers (workers with high paying jobs, jobs exported to CHINA) and replaced them with locals (Indians, Filippinos, Mexicans, or others from Central & South America) who could not farm (get decent wages), crashed the economy and started printing money. Hey presto! Rampant hyperinflation and a very depressed economy.
The problem with printing money to solve economic problems is that once started it is very hard to stop. It is always easier to print more than deal with underlying issues such as over-spending and a government-dominated economy. Democratic politicians (supporting the wholesale destruction of the US Economy) like turkeys do not usually vote for Thanksgiving.
We now return control of your TV Set.
Have a Blessed Day !!!
There is corruption on every level of politics in every country! He merely stated a fact! This is part of the issue with social media, mainstream media and what it has created in people or brought out in people! Hatred!!!! Again, he stated a FACT! Anyone that does not think our country or that most politicians are corrupt, your kidding yourself and should be angry at yourselves and not someone that stated a truth! We get so mad at others when we hear something we don't like, even if it is true! Maybe we need to stop trying to blame others and try to come together to fix the problem. Instead we just get angry, boycott and in most cases over react, instead of looking at the issues and trying to fix them!
Does not bother me what he said, not for the reasons others are bothered, I'm bothered by the fact corruption is wide-spread and we don't seem to be able to do anything about it!
Also note, What Jackie Chan says is pretty insignificant as it comes to our country so like Garry simmons said, who gives a rats a@@ what Jackie thinks or says! Ok people, you can all go about your lives now!
It would appear Mr. Chan had a great many dealings with Democrats.
Who gives a rat's a@@ what Jackie thanks?
Perhaps Jackie should try vacationing in North Korea
My first gut reaction was to think "Who the F*&K do you think you are?" But after thinking about it for a minute or two, and considering the recent POTUS Election, Maybe he's right!
Jacky!!!!! You can't go around and tell the truth. That is the one thing Americans hate even more than communists.
Jackie, there is nothing worse than biting the hand that feeds you.
It was never like this before Obama. Obama the great satan has created this environment. Obama has ordered more people killed than any other World Leader.
Goodbye Jackie, I enjoyed a couple of your B movies.
With all the truly corrupt countries in the world Jackie Chan defines the US as the most corrupt. Give me a damn break. Maybe he should put his convictions where his mouth is and retun the millions he earned here, and then make sure that he never sets foot in the country again. Ungrateful does not even begin to define this sorry individual. As far as I am concerned his career is dead.
SSSSSWWWWWWEEEEEEEETTTTTT, then that means that Chinkie Chan is going to give back all the money he stole of Americans with his lame movies. Jackie, I believe it is time for you to retire to the Karaoke bar! Your only success is that you were a well trained monkey. Applause!!!! Dance Monkey Dance.
Hey there Mr. Chan! All seats of power in nations on this planet has some form of corruption or another. But to single out the US? Look at home in China to find the corruption first. Politbureau that is so un-Communist in its ways. Living high on the backs of the Chinese people after murdering so many millions and millions of their own who were educated, compassionate and caring. Killing female babies is important to families so they can have a male heir and Chinese government condones it. No patience with students in Tianamen Square who only want to speak.
China has the most pollution...seeding clouds...spewing filth into waterways and atmosphere. Prosecuting Chinese for their religious beliefs, speaking their minds, challenging their leaders and their doctrine to seek a better ideology than the one they are given. China is not only politically corrupt it's government is morally corrupt. Wow. Jackie Chan has not the sense to turn around and look at what's behind him.
I think it's a toss-up between China and the US as to which is the most corrupt, but there is zero doubt in my mind that the most corrupt region on the planet is Asia. No if's, and's or buts about it. When approaching the police is the LAST thing you do when you have trouble in a country, this is the a pretty good indication just how corrupt a society is. Jackie should stick to slap-stick humor and leave the politics to the idiots that make a living at it.
Gotta watch out for the weasel language in this one, this article is full of opinionated bull.
The sly use of language and wording on this one could easily transfer it to the opinions section.
Let's not shoot the messanger before hearing the message. Let's look at the message and where it is coming from. This is a chinese citizen, talking positive about his home country, defending it, and telling the world don't act like you are without sin. As an american, I will do the same thing. I beleive that this republic, if it followed it's own laws, is the greatest government in the world. Problem is that corruption comes from government. The larger the government, the larger the corruption. If America doesn't think that their government hasn't become to large and too corrupt, is turning a blind eye to the huge problem america currently has. Alway a good joke is anything to deal with lawyers. Have you noticed that the american government is being run by lawyers. Lawyers do not make money, they take money.
Jackie is more than correct. America has been the primary currency source for the world. Where there is money there is corruption. America is off the chart at many levels. The source of the currency, the Federal Reserve System, is a big fraud.that is enslaving the world with infinite debt. .We don't even know if our president is legitimate and he is truly an adversary of America. He is supported and supports a coalition of the most destruct factions to America. He spent one million dollars hiding his past and has fabricated his identification documents. He completely abuses the office committing treason and crimes daily.
By the way, Jackie has done a great job entertaining the world with his humor and skill' Thank-you!
Yes, we have major corruption starting with our President. He is the biggest fraud to come down the pike from the day he walked off the streets of Chicago and into the Oval Office.
Jackie Chan hasn't made over 150 movies! It is just one movie with over 150 different episodes! He gets away with playing the same boring and predictable character over and over. How about Chan give away his American home, give away all his American dollars, and move back to some overcrowded workers' tenement in the stink hole called China?
Loud-mouth or not, he does have a point. Consider Allen Stanford's 7 billion ponzi scheme, both sides of the aisle in the u.s. gov't hit payday did they not? The attached link features an article that is quite an eye opener:
Who is Jackie Chan? Never heard of him.
Jackie is right that the US is the most corrupt country in the world! And that the reason for it's national debt! If the US didn't divvy up all that foreign aid to its puppet tyrannies overseas it would be in a better position. Giving aid to such regimes as the Marcoses to force them to buy American-made arms is venially wrong. But Zionist Jews like Max Fisher don't see that truth!
Labelling Jackie as Chinese is kind of racist/discriminatory. I myself am Second-Generation Chinese-Canadian of Taishanese background similar to Jackie. My mother was born and raised in Kowloon like Jackie. My parents experienced the racist discrimination of foreign during their youth. My mother spent her formative years under the Pre-WWII colonial system in HK that treated Chinese HKers as Third-Class citizens. They were treated worse than the Punjabi Sikhs in HK.
Max Fisher seems to think all Chinese people have Communist leanings. He should remember that Karl Marx was born a Jew.
Many overseas Chinese here in North America are from a Kuomintang background, not Communist.
Chan is damn right usa is corrupt, look at the last election of fraud in every state. Look at the laws passed while congress exempts themselves and we have to live in the **** they pass. Look at the white house, we have a complete lying fraud with fake records who has been indicted for the biggest theft in history of 43 trillion from the us treasury. Look at all the drone attacks of islamos... no torture just blow them up says obum the kenyan fraud. Look at how the military treats soldiers who come home with ptsd, oh you're fine just take this crappy drug. Damn right we are corrupt. Look at the banksters steal our wealth and all the government agencies do nothing while they all know what is going on. We should adopt china's policy of killing criminals and harvesting their organs rather than paying for them to sit in jail and join gangs, work out etc. China maybe worse on many things but we are not innocent I agree with chan on that for sure.
Sticks Evans
What a mook. A guy who hangs with hookers and triads in Happy Valley over the years calling others corrupt?
First of all, Chan can NEVER criticize China because if he did his family would be sent to "re-education" camps, prison, or just killed.
Americans here agreeing with this coward are only showing their profound ignorance. Pathetic.
10's of millions of it's own people murdered by the government's hand. Millions of citizens in forced labor camps at NO PAY, in other words SLAVERY. Millions more unborn GIRLS (boys are preferred) murdered in the womb under China's forced abortion policies. The oppression of Tibet.
The evil of China extends deep into the soul of that nation yet Chan neglects all of it to bash the U.S.. Most ridiculous yet, there is no shortage of ignorant Americans here that agree with him.
Whiny ingrates...
I am a fan of yours Jackie! I think we should criticise our Government when necessary and praise when they are doing a good job. Only in that way can we make progress!
As for curruption, no country is currupt-free! Some countries are more corrupt than others. I think China has a lot to learn from Hong Kong!
I hate to say it, but I see his point. I am a lifelong American, and what I have learned in my 50 years tells me that corruption is seldom labeled that way by the mainstream domestic press, but if you cut through the corporate media filter, and see for yourself how influence is peddled in this country, you can see Mr. Chan's point.
The problem of corruption among our government is likely to be un-reported because the media is owned and operated by the richest beneficiaries of corruption, and they want to make sure they don't bite the hand that feeds them.
I know there are some good people here in the United States, and I believe there are honorable people in China too, who have identical fears about their own government's corruption.
Mike Anderson
Fu** Chan and fu** the garbage dump known as mainland China. Sewer oil, people and children literally dying on the street because no one will help, people constantly spitting big nasty goobers right in front of you, sneezing and coughing without covering their mouths, eating with their mouths full of food, talking with food in their mouths, cutting in front of of you line... the list of disgusting rude behavior is endless in this land of nongming and wu mao club members.
He is a superb athlete and martial artist. Alas he opened his mouth and revealed another side of him. Never heard of the expression "Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt".
Talking his way into irrelevance.
If corruption is defined as giving politians money to influence their positions and acts in government, then he's probably spot-on. No where in the worlds history has so much money been "given" to put people in office.
Dai Muff
I'm sorry, but almost as soon as you meet someone in mainland China in any position of authority you do not wonder IF he is corrupt, but HOW corrupt he is. IN the US you can at least give them the benefit of the doubt temporarily and warily.
He made millions in this country with his crappy movies and has the nerve to trash it as a lot of Hollywood loons do.
This is not the first time Chan has said something like this. A few year ago, he endorsed communism in Hong Kong. He'a a full blown communist and had it not been for the United States, this stupid **** wouldn't have the money he has today.
So basically, if one reads the article, Jackie Chan is saying he shouldn't run down his own country while abroad.
Why the hell we hadn't thought of that I don't know. Seems like a logical idea to me though frankly with the internet everywhere is abroad now, perhaps we shouldn't be running down our country at home either.
Instead, maybe we could just do our part to fight corruption in our own areas of influence and while we're at it, trying loving our neighbor just a wee little bit.
I mean, long as they speak English! (satire folks, that may not translate quite right)
"Chan also claimed that Chinese people should only criticise China among their own people, and not to foreigners" But it is OK for Chinese people to critcise any other nations anywhere, anytime. LMAO!
PSY's father has spoken
I love it when people, deny the fact that after 1946 The Red Chinese government rounded up all the people that disagreed with the Communist Party line over thirty to forty years or more and miurdered well over 100 Million of its own people.
But, hey they just wanted complete control....Remember when the , Mao Tse-tung ( Mao Zedong) students waving the little red book ran over the country side killing those that did not agree with the Communist party line. Some call it population control.
But, I guess that is no comparison to the nasty Americans
Had I known Jackie Chan hated America so much I would never have spent so much money attending his movies. My mistake. Not a mistake I will repeat in the future.
Nationalism sucks.
The US government runs of legalized bribery: the lobbyist system. Charlie Trie, a Chinese as a matter of fact, said this about and during the Cinton admin: The US Gov is like the subway: you have to put the token in before you can enter. Even tho he said it about the Clinton admin, it has been true before and after. The bribees and bribers write the laws so you know how much chance we have to change anything: none, unless there is a revolution.
I cannot speak obout China, but the US politicians are damned corrupt. Kwame Killpatrick is about average.
I've never lived in China but I have lived in the US all my life, except for the few years I was overseas in the military. I KNOW that US politicians are damned corrupt.
Mr. Chan has been in just about every country to make movies. His comment on America is most acurate. He is commenting on people like the Lib Demo-Communists ( BO and all of his supporters) who claim the corruption of America on Republicans yet they are by far the worst of the corrupetrs. He goes on to say in so many words - clean up your own house before criticizing others about how dirty their house is. And until you do keep your mouth shut..........
He is right, America is far and away corrupt and basically ruined.
Notice he said "More corrupt than China", that implies there is plenty of corruption in China too!
Go read a few Matt Taibbi articles at Rolling Stone before you get all defensive of the USA.
Read this article carefully...Jackie Chan is really just saying he is both a racial and national patriot and it's unpatriotic to attack his own race and nation in front of foreigners. Too bad more Westerners and more White people don't feel like this.
Jackie say the star treatment South Korean Psycho got from President Obama after he trashed America, perhaps Jackie thought this will be good for his career in the movies. Maybe Obama will invite him to the Oval office for fun and games.
"..and you know Jimmy Carter, is grateful this guy (obama)is in office, because he even makes his failed presidency look good."
Well, actually not. Nothing could make Jimmuh's Presidency look good but it could knock him out of the title of first or second most destructive US president of all time or at least of the 20th and 21 centuries.
Robert Allen
If it takes Jackie Chan to point out the Emperor no longer wears clothes, then so be it. The Obama administrations assault on our persons and on our liberties at our nations airports is just the most visible sign that our public servants now consider themselves our rulers. The license to kill via drones, the new drive to track the arms owned by our citizenry, the bailout of those who fall in line, the creation of a standing army that swears to defend the 'homeland' instead of the Constitution, the administrations lawsuits against voter ID requirements .. all of these actions lay the foundation for bigger corruption to come.
He may be right...look at the party in power, the Democrats Party, and how they run the country and step on the Constitution. Each week is a new scandal...maybe we need to look in the mirror as a nation.
Jackie is right, the USA is more corrupt than any other nation..spending more than it makes, allowing illegal immigrants to stream into the country, allowing ghetto blacks to destroy the inner cities....that alone is enough to destroy a culture.
What do you expect from the country where the King of the Fallen Lighting dwells.
At the moment I have to agree with Jackie, and he is partially right, and we have ourselves too blame. The current administration, has got to be the most corrupt one of all. I mean this guy makes Clinton, look like a saint, and you know Jimmy Carter, is grateful this guy is in office, because he even makes his failed presidency look good. The sad thing is, it is easier to start a business in China, than it is here. As a whole the people of America, and China are great! Our leaders on the other hand suck!
Dai Muff
"Jackie Chan is entitled to free speech without public criticism." As public criticism is only free speech too your sentence makes no sense whatsoever.
I have had the pleasure of meeting and dining with Jackie Chan. He is a fine man and a fine actor. He is involved in philanthropic activities, mostly in China. That being said, he has been on the periphery of Triads and involved with some of the most disreputable people in the Far East. For him to point a finger at America is outrageous. He needs to look to himself and his associates and help correct the corruption in Asia. Wherever America might be on the scale, it is way behind China and especially way behind Hong Kong.
I love my country but I am disgusted by our government. How long before it all comes crashing down? In my lifetime America was once the leader in science, technology, manufacturing, education, space exploration, medicine and much more. Why people can't see that the downfall of this once great republic is all a part of a much larger plan is beyond me. None are so blind as those that refuse to see. 46). "Give me control of the money of a country and I care
not who makes her laws." (Meyer Rothschild) Everything about America has been corrupted by the fiat currency printed by the privately held Federal Reserve.
Whether or not you agree with him, Jackie Chan is entitled to free speech without public criticism. You are entitled to your views too, but you wouldn't want people condemning you for those views. I happen to agree with him although I am not into his type of films - which are irrelevant to this issue.
Dai Muff
Chan is tone deaf, apart from his obvious other failings. He should look at how real mainland Chinese stars behave. They do not feel they have to capitulate to the smallest mindedness and xenophobia of the weakest Chinese in order to make a crust.
So many of these advocates of "Big China" end up making it look like "small China", with a huge chip on its shoulder and an inferiority complex a mile wide.
And what is it with all these claimed US Republicans using exactly the same web-name style to post here? Have the bots found the SCMP comment pages? There's something extremely strange about these posts.
When you consider Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Holder, the Clintons, Barney Frank, Kerry, and the rest bof the stinking voter fraud, money grubbing Democrats, he's right.
Tis the truth. America is two paychecks away from being a third world country and nary a corrupt nation on this planet can get into the history of their corruption without giving the USA a royal crown for being the biggest perpetrators of terrorism, gang violence, destruction, theft, lies, rape and killing the world has ever known.
Then you Jackie Chan have made a bunch of corrupt money you f'ing hypocrite! American proverb say, "Never bite the hand that feeds you." Wait! you just did!
I never thought he was funny. So go to China already!
a typical commies....they're all the same..
Jackie is compensating for his rice-****.
Nothing personal. The guy is opening a huge Chinese market for his third-rate products.
There is nothing more repugnant than people who come to the U.S.A. to make their fortunes, or those born here who make their fortunes and then reside in a foreign country, who then spend the majority of their time denouncing the country, its politics, and its people.
This is all about Chan kowtowing to the communist masters of china so he can do business there. He is therefore obligated to bash the US.
Many US business bosses have had to do the same such as immelt of GE.
If chan could say the truth, he would say that:
1. The US saved china from being taken over by japan.
2. It was England, not the US that colonized china
3. Until the 1930s when European culture and industry was introduced to china, they were living as a bronze age people, ruled by dictators and slavemasters.
4. Currently many factories in china are run as slave colonies, with political bosses making millions.
5. The people of china deserve to live as free persons, not subjects of single-party political bosses.
I have to agree with him. Not only is the US corrupt, starting with our great president. But we are not as free as you have been led to believe. Many are starting to wake up to the fact that we live in a tyranny with only one party and everyone in power thinking that the government is the solution to all problems. We have the Republican telling us what we can do with our bodies and the Democrats trying to take our wealth and security. It is time for change.
Chan has simply reflected the Chinese State's position of itself and the world. Few there will admit it, but China has an underlying inferiority complex which manifests in secrecy and over reaction to any form of criticism. The State plays on this complex and adjusts the news to create the reactions they are looking for. But Chan must admit, like it or not, that free enterprise is what has rescued China, not it's communist government.
since when is the Washington Post pro-America?...they are pro-gressive and that means they are criminals enabling criminal behavior
Glad you feel that way, Jackie, after America made you a multi-multi-millionaire. You think you'd be this rich in China? Ungrateful sonofabitch.
Uh, Mr. Chan, to us Iranians who YOUR country has ripped off and CONTINUES to bleed dry, YOU CHINESE are the most corrupt in the world...of course followed by the Ruskie twats you've got living upstairs. Next time you want to pucker up for your bosses in Beijing, might want to make sure you're whispering...you utterly ignorant movietard.
Sorry to read that Jackie feels that way. I think the American citizens should honor his feelings and boycott his movies from now on. He can get his corrupt money from China and see how far that gets his fading career. No more V8 for me either.
I hope an elderly Chuck Norris round house kicks Chan's nutz off.
WALL STREET is the most corrupt and greedy place in the world and it happens to be in our gr8 USA
Here's a guy whose **** I won't even bother to illegally download. Thanks for a Karate Kid remake NO ONE wanted, Slanty!
whys everyone complaining.ive never been to china but i agree on his views about america,how can u not.
He is promoting a Communist Dictatorship over a Free Nation.
Slavery over Freedom. Guilt before Innocent.
A lil Red Book and a megalomaniac who murdered millions.
China would be flying the banner of the rising sun if it weren't for the US in WW2.
And it wasn't outsiders that killed millions of Chinese and destroyed half of the culture in China - it was Mao.
Hey Jackie, go make your Millions in another country then...we won't miss you at all!
By who's moral standards? By who's ethical standards? Astounding void between these nations? American citizens so terribly mesmerized by the Great Corporate American Propaganda ****'s moanings, declarations, lies, manipulations, her Hollywood movies, videos, violent video games, unnatural pornogaphic materials: and suffering the Fed's constant theivery by U.S. Dollar , "Printing Sessions", realtor's unpayable mortgages on McMansions built to churn money and be foreclosed and torn down in an effort to extract their very blood, their very food from their tables: meats and dairy products laced with antibiotics and hormones to produce "uneducated cannon fodder" for warring, plundering other nations for their oil, even the lack of health care from the highest paid 'Medical Personnel' in the world, and Big Pharma, and an infrastructure crumbling before the eyes of the world as drug addiction encouraged even promoted by changing the drug laws, in a country in a drunken, drugged stupor already: even public schools rated 19th in the world today, once the best on earth? A country where Billionaires increase as fast as the ignorant hoards can be raped of their last hope and self worth? A country reduced from a very succesful Capitalist Democracy only four decades ago, to a corrupt corpocarcy ruled by corporate lobbyists, multi-national corporatists even plutocrats? Money from Saudi Arabia? China? Israel? Europe? Russia?
Can anyone offer any insights as to why America is NOT the most corrupt country in the world? Its idiots like you guys who ruin this country. THERE ARE NO DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS. That is how fake and corrupt America is. They are two sides of the same globalist coin.
Pointing out America is the most corrupt country in the world is like pointing out Mt. Everest is big. I don't know why Jackie Chan gets any heat for it.
In response to Joe Blowder, America gives money to "foreign filth" because it is in fact the most corrupt country in the world ironically. The US is so corrupt its hardly a country, the country itself is a front for globalists, politics is a TV show that divides our idiotic population.
Why do Americans give money to foreign filth like this repeatedly?
China is a country with a long philisopical history making them a wise people. There is a difference between being wise and smart. I understand Jackie's concerns and his loyalty to his country. I would suggest he also consider the goodwill he has with the American people. What Jackie may not realize is the more America embraces the political norms of the world, the more corrupt we become. The danger to our people physically increases through a loss of individual rights. Our freedom to worship as we choose, to bare arms, own property, the ability to safe guard our families all decrease. As Charlton Heston said, "From my cold dead hands."
He comes here to make his money then slams our country. I have nothing against him thinking his country is great we all do that or at least should. I know the US is not perfect and it has it's currution thats for sure, but more than China, I doubt even he really believes that or if he does he is really stupid. Saying something like that probably just wins him points with his government, maybe he is trying to get into politics over there.
I respect Jackie Chan.. I think he's a good person. He does have a point though. It's a difficult pill to swallow but facts can easily back-up his opinion.. The US might not be openly currupt, but people have found ways to go around the systems put in place that prevents corruption.
I think China is more corrupt than the US because it lacks government transparency. Inthe US, people can be held accountable if they are corrupt, and everyone have the right to point out corrupt leaders. This doesn't exist in communist China. Not yet anyway, but I think it's coming. China will have a democratic revolution sooner or later. 6 billion people are going to want to have a say on what kind of government and country they want to be.
Well I suggest that if Mr. Chan thinks that the USA is so corrupt then please do us and the rest of the film making community a favor and make your lousy films elsewhere. After all we wouldn't want to expose him to corruption now would we.
Chan comes from a nation that has as much respect for life as an ant or bee colony. Take the plank out of your own eye before you criticize the speck in ours.
As much as I like Jackie's movies, no more. His comments show him to be extremely ungrateful for the millions he's made off of Americans. I see no reason why Americans should continue to welcome him here.
And you are a HUGE part of the problem. You apparently think he's wrong in some way. He is absolutely correct! America is corrupt beyond belief! We murder people around the world in the name of "democracy" while stripping away the rights of the American people! Our politicians are bought and paid for by the corporations and they sell us out daily! And if the American people don't wake up and put a stop to it...there will be no more America! WAKE UP!!!
Gee,do you think that Jackie Chan is referring to the corruption in the US that is embraced by politicians, the powers that be in the financial system (including but not limited to the too-big to fail banks such as JP Morgan, hedge funds such as MF Global, manipulation of the COMEX gold and silver markets, Keynes policies of the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury including the growth of fiat currency, etc), union bosses, and the progressive supporters of social and economic justice emboldened by the rule of man (as opposed to the rule of law) AND the wholesale cheats of the tax system (child tax credit, etc) and fraudulently the abusers inappropriately receiving benefits (Social Security crazy/disability checks, free cell phones, food stamps, section 8 housing, etc).
While Jackie Chan refers to the US as being the leading candidate in corruption, others would say it is the greatest fall of a republic since the days of the Roman Empire.
How dare he say this. The USA is the freest, bestest, most equal nation in history. Oh hang on my 1 second and let me pull my head out from my ****. Ah there go. Woah, Chan is totally correct.
Obama and the rest of his democRats are certainly corrupt. And almost as power-mad, cruel and totalitarian as the Chinese.
He's an idiot. Try and bribe a cop in the U.S.
Now try it in China, Africa. S America, Mexico, any Arab country.
I think you guys missed what he was trying to say. He is basically saying the people are corrupt and betray their nation by talking trash about it. He is saying we lost our patriotism, I would agree and it was brave for him to point it out.
Jackie, I really love the entertainment you have provided the world, but making a fortune in the US and then turning around and saying the US is more corrupt than you are is hypocritical. Did Hollywood money make you an authority on corruption? I read this morning that the air quality in Beijing was more than 25 times more polluted than recommended safe levels. If a government will not pass laws that allow its citizens to breathe, is it corrupt? Mr. Chan, please define corruption.
while he may be correct mr chan won't be getting any more of my american dollars.
The US is more corrupt than any country in the world, in any country that has ever existed. We have troops in over 100 countries, in many countries the troops are unwanted by the people but we corrupt the power structure in the country we occupy. We give the despots huge amounts of "aid" that never reaches the people we claim to care about. If we really wanted to help suffering peoples we would send money to African countries but they don't have oil. The military industrial complex killed both Kennedys, tried with George Wallace and Ronald Reagan. Open your eyes the evidence is plain.
I think he is right and our country is extremely corrupt
I wish I could disagree with Mr. Chan, but I can't. Corruption has been institutionalized in our federal government. Even when the process works (rarely), it produces policies that are destructive to our country, rewarding the few with patronage in exchange for voter support.
somehow to make patriotic comments about ones own country ain't so bad as when an american says unpatriotic comments about the ole usa. Chan is a performer extraordinaire! Yes, any government linked to Mao in any way must have terrible, terrible skeletons in it closet. Mao was the worst, cruelest, most wicked leader of the 20th century, For Jackie It must be all too horrible to look at it realistically.
Isn't it funny how after he takes advantage of America's movie industry, makes millions of dollars making films in the USA, he NOW makes these comments? Why not say this 10 years ago? Typical greedy hypocritical movie stars. Do as I say not as I do.
what are you talking about culture? your "ilk" won the election because billionaires pouring Hundreds of Millions in to influence it. remember 4 years ago when your "ilk" bought the election for only $660 million (no media outrage), this year the other side got just as corrupt and the asking price for the whitehouse went from $660 million to almost $1 billion each. but then your "ilk" always forgets how much money THEY spend because it's not spending it's "investing" right? And your "ilk" loves china so much they are doing everything they can to move it HERE!
Mr jackie is not 100% wrong/// but america did not murder 25 million of its own people just a few years ago ,, and this is the same government ,, jackie is all about china because now they have the MONEY to spend on him ,,, the same reason he came to america ,,,, it seems jackie is like the money wind,,,,,,, follow the cash,,, he is getting older and has lost his appeal in america /// so back to china/// and bash the USA////// take the money and...... run,,,,,, your mouth...
Dai Muff
Republican 50-centers? How novel.
Dai Muff
roadapple, if you love China more than the US you may have citizenship of the wrong country. You and your ilk lost the election. despite millionaires pouring absurd sums of money in to influence it otherwise. Get over it.
Has Chan never been to Mexico?
You can be regularly robbed by the police there. Every business has to pay protection money to operate.
PS. China respects international copyright and trademark laws like it respects pregnant Chinese women bearing their second child. Pfffft!
Jackie Chan had the opportunity to travel the world, experience other societies and cultures and he has seen numerous forms of governance, including communism, democracy, representative republic, dictatorship, etc...
He hit it spot on about my country, America. It's been corrupt (as are ALL countries to one degree or another), but until the past 4 years, it was a "balanced" corruption. We had 3 separate branches of government, none beholden to the others. It kept our government "checked and balanced", just like the Constitution dictates.
But the Socialist regime of Obama has stacked the Supreme Court with Progressive ideologues and has been ruling by Presidential decree, not letting the Congress and Senate do their job without interference.
The Socialist controlled Senate refuses to even consider let alone pass a budget, and they will never do it. They refuse to bring to a vote any bill that does not further their interests, which is destabilizing America and destroying our military and our economy.
Obama is following Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" line for line, and the people of America are letting him get away with it, with the Senators, Congressman and military following his every narcissitic, racist, illegal dictate.
Kudos to Jackie for calling out Obama for the thieving, corrupt, drug using thug that he is.
How can anyone from China possibly say America is more corrupt. Maybe when China gives it's people the freedom they deserve, then you can say America is more corrupt.
Mr Chan is right,not only the most corrupt it is also the most vile and hates any kind of truth......
Dai Muff
Jackie Chan is a Xenophobic thug, and god only knows why the Americans let him live in their country. Why not give up your Green Card hypocrite? You know your audience is turning away from your repetitive nonsense everywhere except the mainland, so settle there permanently.
Actually it's #2. #1 goes to a country that's not even a country, IsNtReal ! Course of Jackie would have said that Little Maxie would have called for his beheading and declared him and anti-shalomite.
" His comments were slammed by The Washington Post's foreign affairs blogger Max Fisher as "anti-American"
So this upsets the "wasthington post" but a south korean simpleton rapper can publish a song about killing American soldiers and their families, yet we see this terrorist sympathizer on "**** Clark's New Years rocking' eve"? why no outrage? why no action? just keep giving him millions of US dollars to take back to south korea and continue to threaten the lives of US soldiers.
you know why there was no outcry? Because Chan is right, America is the most corrupt country in the World. congratulations, we're number one.
I might totally agree if Jackie had just said that Washington, DC, is the most corrupt city in the world, given that there has hardly been a bill passed by Congress without significant vote trading, vote buying, and personal aggrandizement of all manner -- and in some cases, veiled or direct threats against the life, liberty and property of those presumed to be quite powerful. We recently saw the Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court change his vote on the most critical piece of legislation in modern times and can only wonder whether someone had a photo of him in a compromising position, someone threatened to snuff out the lives of his grandchildren, or (outwardly less likely) someone provided many millions of dollars in "appreciation money" for her heirs. Or, perhaps most likely, someone just told him that the government would destroy the entire judiciary and render it powerless to make any future decisions of consequence through public condemnation and worse ...
The US Congress exempted itself from insider trading. Congress used extortion to make the states enforce the 55 mph speed limit and seatbelt use by threatening to withhold Federal Highway funds.
Congressional approved legalized bribery by K Street agents and it goes on and on. The US is not the most corrupt; but it sure is in the top ten.
At least China is honest about it's socialism, and is taking advantage of capitalism to make it better for at least some in that country. In the USofA, Obama and friends are dragging us away from capitalism, toward socialism, all the while convincing the ignorant, ill-informed public, that it's just "fair" capitalism. Jackie is being loyal to his heritage, something so many in the USofA have forgotten.
Just remember, the USofA is the only country standing between true freedom and tyranny in and FOR the WORLD. When we fall, so shall any semblance of freedom anywhere else.
No wonder the rest of the world wants the citizens of the USofA disarmed.
"When we fall, so shall any semblance of freedom anywhere else." Wow. That must be some good stuff, smokey. Some elementary school geography lessons: the USA is one of the LEAST democratic, free, advanced, etc country on this planet. Just a few examples of countries with more consistent, more humane, more developed, higher HDI (Human Development Index) parameters: Norway, Australia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the list is long. None of them are so corrupt as the USA govt... But who cares. Boring topic. Beating a dead horse... :-)
who could not agree Detroit and Chicago are two of the most corrupt cites in the world . Washington D.C. gives tax payer money to the Unions via GM bail out in exchange for votes to remain in power.....but when you call that corruption folks are shocked . Didn't Kawaine ex mayor in Detroit just get exposed for taking a $10 bribe in the men's room. Isn't Chicago so corrupt that they even gave it a name "the Chicago way"? didn't Balgo (?) ex governor just go to jail ,didn't Jessie's kid just get booted for corruption? but if Jackie Chan mentions this oh oh folks are up in arms
Some (I guess American=misinformed) commenters do not seem to know that the HK film industry is on par, if not bigger than Hollywood. Amazing... Jackie makes a lot more money in HK than in Amerika. :-) But the point is, is he right about saying that Amerika is a prime example for corruption all over the world? Sure, he is right. But it is an easy bet, even if one is ignorant: Amerika is finished, over: it is the past. China is the future. So no matter how much one barks like a mad dog, the game is over... The trend is to leave the sinking boat, everywhere in the world...
I like Hong Kong, good food and drink,inexpensive tailor-made clothes, inexpensive women.
America IS the most corrupt country and has the blood of millions of dead babies from abortion on its soil, it is under judgment everyone needs to read The Harbinger
For a country that prides itself on its generations of dynasties , and proclaiming itself as a civilized nd enlightened nation well before the discovery of the New World, how is it that China managed to avoid all corruption before the US was founded?
I find his comment racist as he is suggesting Native-Americans are corrupt by nature.
Oops? A celebrity that the liberal media hacks can't control.
Don't you just love it when these foreigners come here, make millions, don't want to pay taxes on their income because they are not from here then turn on us like a stray dog and bite the hand that fed them...Disgusting.
However, knowing that he is Hollywood, and for the most part knows nothing about the rest of America I could see how he thinks that way. Hollywood of all places runs on corruption and greed. China however is run by and on threats of death if you disagree with anything the leadership says. He is a sad person and should go back to his beloved China and see just what a GREAT lifestyle he would have there...idiot!!!
i would not say that America is the MOST corrupt country, but it is definitely full of courruption: not only Reid, we can look at Obumbles and his Reznick deal on his house in Chicago gangland. He fits the description of corrupt.
Mr. Chan you spoke the truth. Yes, America HAS the most corrupted government in the world.
Just as a one small example, let's take this little character Harry Reed and his real estate dealings and briberies. And this is a just a spit in the ocean.
Being a US citizen from Hong Kong and I can tell you that Jackie Chan is the biggest idiot in Hong Kong. He does not know **** about anything , is very uneducated, and yet try to open his loud mouth thru his air-filled brain and made a fool of himself every single time. He, along with other so -called "celebrities", should just stick to their profession, which is "acting", and shut the F up. You guys maybe able to "act", but that does not mean you are intellegence. Idiot!
Mr. Chan? What say you take yourself and your comments home to the so called peoples republic and stay there. We don't need you in America. I for one have never wasted my money on your contrived performances and I never will. I wish more Americans would do the same and turn their back on all who have made fortunes in America, then in turn spit on this country. Take your communist loving back side back where it belongs little man.....
Jeff Bivins
Wow. The "they took our jobs", "don't let the door hit you in the a##" responses are pretty typical of American ignorance of their own government. He is saying that the American government is the most corrupt in the world, not the American people. If you're one of those "this is Amerhicuh, and in'n you don't like it, shut up", please educate yourself before it is too late. Please read "Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq" and then respond to Mr. Chan.
Well I think he was right when he said Americans are not behind America. I love this country for what it was and the vision of the founders, but unlike most Americans I have done my homework, reading "the Federalist Papers" and other documents explaining the actual intent of our founders and anyone with even the slightest comprehension skills can see Freedom and Liberty are worth far more than a minuscule check from the Fed...yet so many are so selfish that a lil free stuff and they will follow the rest of the sheep to the slaughter.
The last 100yrs has been the century of American corruption in politics...our politicians went from serving the people to ruling them and ironically the conditions now are far worse then when our founders broke away from the British...
So I agree, I don't support the mass tyranny going on under this traitor of a president...he has outright looked for ways to violate his oath to uphold the Constitution as has the ENTIRE Democrat party and 2/3rds of the GOP...it is sick....they need a 2nd Amendment reality check...it is as our founders predicted that eventually the Govt would be come so corrupt it would have to be abandoned and start over...next time I hope we are smart enough to ban progressives from holding public office since there is no reason a Marxist, Socialist or Communist should be allowed to take part in the legislative processes of a free country.
America, under the corrupt criminal regime of the marxist Obama, Jackie Chan is correct. If anyone takes offense at that, you are simply not informed. The American dominate media, practices censorship masquerading as journalism. If a story does not support the agenda of the Obama regime, it is not reported. Two generations have been propagandized by a leftist controlled public school system and have been indoctrinated in group think think only. American leftists, of which Obama is one having trained at the knee of the communist Frank Marshall Davis, have taken direction from Vladimir Lenin when he said, "Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted" and "The press should be not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator, but also a collective organizer of the masses." So now that the "educators" and the "journalists" have prepared the people to accept socialism with all its inherent corruption, the corrupt Chicago thugs under Obama can ram the rest through. If they do, there will be no turning back. The ballot box will no longer be an option to reverse the course. Only an armed populace will have the power to reinstitute liberty, which is why the educators, the press and the politicians are hell bent on negating the Second Amendment. It is all that stands in the way of their specious utopian socialist society.
The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it. ~ John Hay
John DeWitt
The whole world is corrupt, not just America and especially the communist Chinese government. Look at how they treat their people in these labor camps they call toy factories, etc. Anybody can make broad statements, but the question is what is he doing to effect positive change. The last time I saw him it was in a movie that was showing acts of violence which kind of contradicts the his point.
2Ch_7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
Mr. Jerky Chan needs to button his lip or he'll get deported to the firecracker factory he was born in.
Talking about 'biting the hand that feeds you'!! That 'corruption' that JC talks about has made him a very, very rich man. He never hesitated to capitalize on the corruption and make many, many millions of dollars from the the USA for himself, did he? JC, do us all a favor, and stay away from the USA. We wouldn't want that 'corruption' to stagnate your creativity!
By the end of President Obama's first term, Jackie Chan had enough. "The U.S. is now more corrupt than China." Another feather in Obama's cap for his place in history.
Jackie C, don't let the screen door hit you on your way out. also, don't take any income from US showings of your movies anymore.
We're both part of the same corrupt-hypocrisy, Mr. Chan, but never think it applies to my Country.
We're both part of the same corrupt-hypocrisy, Mr. Chan, but never think it applies to my Country.
AGD, Maryland, USA
But he takes our money. What does that make him? I no watchee your movies any more.
I'm on the fence on this one. Honestly I think our government displays how much large amounts of money can change the political back ground. The problem with the argument is China don't give certain liberties, and freedoms to their populous. Americans has changed their laws away from what the original framers intended. American's corruption sometimes works hand in hand with the law while these freedoms are already absent in the Chinese back ground. At the moment I do see similarities in both governments behavior.
What a shame he feels like biting the hand that fed him.
His comments were less Anti-America than Pro-China.
He didn't say anything that wasn't the truth. All countries, America included, have corruption and in recent years that corruption in America has gone through the proverbial roof. Is that to say he (or I) don't love America?
Speaking for myself, despite all the corruption, there's no other country in the world I love more than the US, but to bury my head int he sand and say there's no corruption in America is obsurd.
Another thoughtful Hollywood genius. As Homer Simpson says, "Is there anything they don't know?"
True! The media is to protect the public with their partisan reporting. The left wing media that is made up mostly of Democratic administrations like to continue and push the corruption in DC. Look at Chicago, one of the most corrupt cities in the US and does the media standup for the people, it sides with the corruption at the City Hall. The same in DC, it just pushes the corruption under the rug if it's their man in the WH. "The Whole Art of Government consists in the art of being honest" Thomas Jefferson. "Transparency government, for the people, what belong to you also belongs to him/me", Obama
It's a criminal planet Jackie so you're right. But, it is not the en masse. It is a small handful worldwide who can make someones life very miserable. Health and love to us all.
And only in one of those countries could he go to jail for making those comments.
Well, no more V8 for Jackie.
He is telling it like it is .do not take it out of context
Jackie Chan is an idiot.
"He certainly didn't mind working and making money in our corrupt country. If that's the way he feels, he can make movies in China for all I care."
This has no logic. The mirror of this statement is equally valid. If an American feels China is corrupt, and he does not like it, he can go back to America, the Chinese don't care.
Is it really THAT difficult to see the inherent stupidity in statements like these? See earlier I mirrored another statement, to show the same effect. I guess elementary education should include classes in LOGIC. Albeit it might be too late already. The uneducated bully might destroy the world before the civilized could save it... :-)
Someone does not understand the Tibet story, or just lacks education in history? Tibet (and many many other countries) coexisted with its neighbors for many centuries, had no clearly defined BORDERS, and people visiting were considered welcome, no matter where they came from. That was the good old times, before the Stupid Arrogant Greedy White Man appeared on the scene (remember that shameful era in human history called "colonization"). Yes, I called it White Man, because no other did it as far as I know (no trace of any other civilizations traveling far away and telling others how they should live). Just like the entire Maghreb and North Africa would be today united under an Islamic Caliphate (someone is fearful of that, as we hear daily from the barking dogs), so would be peace and prosperity in Asia, too, if the SAGWM did not appear and began to "divide and conquer". China realized in time the danger of the British (!) mischief in Tibet, and stopped the "border drawing" exercise right there and then decisively. The fact that today Tibet is a heavily censored topic and area of the world is also THANKS TO the British and their cohorts not giving up putting oil on the fire. Same logic as Lybia, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. The so-called "war on terror", itself an oxymoron, but tell this to people lacking the most basic logical thinking skills... The moment these SAGWM would stop their ransacking in the world like a drunken idiot, the moment peace would be restored. :-)
WTF?! You make NO sense whatsoever...None...
Mike Anderson
Wu mao boy, go home and take your ridiculous lies with you... take your **** little pile of wujiao and your rural hukou and go back to whatever **** little village the government recruited you from. People that read this paper are smart enough to know that China literally invaded Tibet and murdered countless thousands and continue to do so today.
The fallacy in this reasoning is that the people who lived in Tibet had to be militarily crushed and continue to be subject to oppression and massive importation of Han Chinese to outnumber them in their own land. It is hard to position such practices as virtuous.
He certainly didn't mind working and making money in our corrupt country. If that's the way he feels, he can make movies in China for all I care.
Jackie and ALbert Gore both take the cash and talk a different story.. Gore sells his Current Tv for 250 million US (what a deal Current TV has very few viewers, it is a crapola station no one goes back to see the second time ) to a herd of terrorists.
I am not sure about America being more corrupt but it is damn close. The corruption may not be as visible but it may be even more insidious. While I would not say it the way he did, I would say that American's leaders are corrupt, not America itself as a nation.
America bullying China? Has anyone heard the name TIBET in the near past?
It is quite a remarkable level of impudence from an ignoremus to call China's self respect "insecurity". Calling attacking another country with weapons and destroying it, killing its people "insecurity" would be more appropriate. That is what certain imperialist remnants from an obsolete system are still doing (running amok in the world killing innocent people daily, due to their paranoid "insecurity"), and it is not surprising to see their hypocrisy littering the Internet incessantly. :-)
An American, seeing China through his American (hence distorted) lenses realizes that the Chinese have outdone him in his own skill (corruption). Aesopus, anyone want some sour grapes? :-)
Mike Anderson
As an American that lives in China and is married to a Chinese woman that works with the Chinese government I can tell you that Mr Chan is so totally full of **** that he should be given the "Wu Mao Club Member of the Year Award" for it. No government on Earth is more corrupt than the Chinese government... not ****ia, not Russia, no one...
Fascinating that to register for a right-wing blog you have to sign up in The South China Morning Post. All you "patriots" take note.
Chan is right, partly. Street level corruption, pandemic in some countries is very limited in the US.
But at the wholesale level, everyone else is pikers. We are so in a hurry to rush to a war we can't even come up with a stable reason for that we have to give "no-bid contracts" to the VP's company.
Our system of government is now based on legalized bribery, since Citizens United, which makes it mandatory that a candidate take as much anonymous money has he can, ditto when he gets elected and is reviewing a bill for passage.
We are the only country that has enshrined bribery as the primary access to our political system.
I'm not at all surprised to hear Jackie say this, he should know. After all, he cut his bones in Hollywood, what else needs be said about his point of view. On the other hand, I fully agree with him. America, not just it's Government is corrupt to the core, the people just have the Government they deserve. A couple years ago a national poll concluded that fully, 98.4% of all adults in this country fully admit they're habitual liars and lie within the first 16 seconds of meeting someone new. Remember all the feel good articles telling you it's ok to lie? Well, it's not. My point is, if 98.4% are liars, then what would you expect would be the probable outcome? I mean really, this isn't rocket science here.
In China it's just called the Communist Party..
China is as corrupt as the Masterminds running it. Mao starved to death at least 40 million Chinese. As bad as some of America's leaders are - and yes, there is corruption, we have a ways to go to catch up with Mao.
I'm an American, but I can hardly take offense at Chan's comments. When he says that America is the most corrupt nation of all, he may have overstated the case just a bit, unless he has some way of scientifically quantifying corruption levels worldwide. But, that aside, most of the Americans I know openly acknowledge the fact that elite-level financial and political corruption, with media complicity, has become progressively worse over the years. It's now pervasive, one might even say blatantly in-your-face, and it's not at all painful to admit this sad reality.What's painful is that it's true.
He is exactly as "hypocritical" making money in America and calling it corrupt as Americans are "hypocritical" making money in China and calling it corrupt. :-)
Talking about "insecurity", it is rather hypocritical of some not to see that the most "insecure" country, barking at other, peaceful nations like a mad dog, is the USA itself. :-)) Always check first "who is talking", then you can just skip those coming from a source that you know can't do better. :-)
Here is an opinion I heard lately: "Indeed, the mere fact watching the so-called "Presidents" (from the Lating: pre-sidium, for-sitters), who are nothing else than a lame duck decoys, the laughing stock of the rest of the civilized world (hence mostly uneducated idiots, manifested in such humanoids like the Bushes, and such scandals as Monica) it should be clear who the real owners of that dumb country are: invisible puppeteers in the background. Only dumb people can be remote-controlled, enslaved, manipulated... and the white scum who forcefully occupies the land of the native Americans and refuses to get out of there is such a collection of human-like apes, unlike some other nations on Earth who could figure out the name of the game, reacted to it defensively, and got punished for their revelation." What do you think? Does she have a point?
Re Jackie, and of course anyone in China who is aware of their civilization's values, sees the world from that angle. They see the West as some primitive primates trying to bully them for some time, and they were seduced to be mesmerized, but that time seems to be over. Civilizations on this planet woke up from that dream and are now re-asserting their rankings, one by one. Latin America woke up from the "American dream", the Muslim World has woken up from their (neo)colonialist nightmare, Russia, India, China all see that the emperor has no clothes.
Jackie just spoiled the magician's trick... :-)
Well..... There is absolutely nothing wrong with telling the truth, as unpopular as it might be.. I happen to agree with him. With the exception of a handful of little third-world dictatorships scattered across the globe, the US is very likely the most corrupt country on the face of the earth. I believe that our entire system, from top to bottom has been corrupt for a very long time. Start with our current President.... he has intentionally hidden certain aspects of his life that are of importance and should be public information.... like his education, for one. Our politicians all accept 'campaign contributions' from business and 'special interest' groups.... if that's not buying someone, then show me what is. Business has the odd habit of donating to political campaigns (see above) and a little thing called 'insider trading' and another gem known as 'tax avoidance' and the ever popular 'loophole'..... and the 'police'...... well, they are nothing more than first responders at this point... and for the most part, useless at that. Cops lie as a witness, fabricate evidence, omit/destroy evidence. And that brings us to Banks...... there is no need to repeat what we already know.... also because I will get so upset that my head might explode.
So, in short....... YES.... I would have to say that the US is a strong contender for the most corrupt country on Earth
let's calm down and think...
1. in China, corruption is illegal, although no one enforces the laws until politics gets involved. in US, corruption is legalized. the "best government money can buy". when SCOTUS ruled corporation as "individual" and tied massive unlimited campaign contribution as "free speech", this brought corruption to the "american exceptionalism". -:). in US House and Senate, representatives and senators passed laws (from security exchange laws to labor laws) but exempt themselves. this innovative idea of legalizing corruption is something China doesn't have. (may be they should learn from US? -:)
2. in China, the princelings, people with "guanxi" got sweet deals/jobs. this corrupt practice is against the laws but no one enforces the law. in US, we institutionalized, legalized these preferential treatment "equal opportunity" laws. legalized corrupt practice.
3. while corruption at federal government is well known, state/municipal government corruption is just as rampant. do a google news search on any state/local govt, from small towns to big urban centers, you will see lots of officials being investigated, indicted and convicted of corruption. these cases are so rampant that citizens are numbed. case in point, the last two governors from the great State of Illinois are both in jail on corruption crimes. two consecutive governors. and IL is not alone.
Jacky has lived, worked and did business in US, he knows what he is talking about.
Last I checked, the US hasn't murdered and enslaved TENS OF MILLIONS of it's own citizens.
Maybe Chan would like to reimburse those of us in this corrupt land that actually paid money to see his films. Come on, show some integrity.
Never happen...
So what? The President of the United States is anti-American too, and probably more so than Jackie Chan.
The more time one stay in Mainland China, the more that person can't see right from wrong.
Guess whose agent just lost a fortune and whose publicist is about to make one ?
America is not THE most corrupt for heaven's sake, but the central government of the USA is so corrupt as to cause it's citizens to have precious little faith in their "leaders". Political machines alter voting results in major cities. Union members drive bus-loads of senior citizens to the polls to vote for "the correct" candidate. In major urban areas, many voters -- including dead voters -- vote multiple times. Inside D.C. itself, lobbyists overtly purchase congressmen and senators. Each President appoints Supreme Court Justices and lower court judges who hold "the correct" beliefs. The U.S. Constitution has become a joke.
Timothy Adams once squawked "Kudos Mr. Chan. It was about time the rest of the world called a spade a spade, and the United States, a nation that ignores its own laws and murders by the millions, should get no more respect than any other bloody regime."
No Timothy, the country that has murdered by the millions, 50 million+ actually, would be Jackie Chan's beloved People's Republic of China. Do yourself a favor and look up Mao Zedong. America has liberated countless millions of people over the last century and spilled more of her own blood on behalf of others than any nation in modern history. Jackie Chan would do well to take this into account when attacking a country who has for the most part been a rather gracious host. And your apparent ignorance is appalling Timothy but at least you can cure that if you care to.
Chinese Protesters should be eaten, just like the old days.
Kudos Mr. Chan. It was about time the rest of the world called a spade a spade, and the United States, a nation that ignores its own laws and murders by the millions, should get no more respect than any other bloody regime.
Boycott chan!
Eric Anderson
I'm not sure I can argue with him on this point. We might not be the MOST corrupt, but we certainly rank up there pretty high on the list. The more we deviate from basic, traditional American values the more corrupt we become.
American values such as: A work ethic. Suggestions that welfare recipients be required to perform some service in exchange are shouted down as "demeaning". Traditionally, Americans believed that there could be nothing more demeaning than accepting charity without making any kind of effort. When did work become "demeaning"?
Americans, above any other society on Earth, used to value honesty for honesty's sake. We were taught to be scrupulously honest and honorable ALL THE TIME, not just when it would benefit us. A man's given word was his bond. Those days are gone.
Families: We used to value and honor the family unit, and especially fathers. The role of "dad" in the family has been marginalized to the point that, in some segments of our society, a man is called a "sellout" if he actively raises his own children. Pop culture regularly makes fun of fatherhood, and portrays dads as being bumbling, idiotic buffoons....at best. Or malevolent monsters at worse. So most of our kids are raised without DADS....and then we wonder at all the drugs, and school shootings, etc.
I could go on and on, but Jackie is right: We are VERY corrupt. We have wandered so far from the path that it's no longer in sight.
Eric, I fully agree with your depiction of how and why America is indeed corrupted; work-ethic, honor/integrity, and healthy families seem to be concepts that too few embrace. But I would wager a fair sum that these topics have almost nothing in common with Chan's view of how America is the most corrupt nation in the world.
I totally agree with you. One word for American corruption, SOlyndra. China on the other hand way more corrupt
IT seems ironic that Chan is blasting America as "the most corrupt," nation, because he made all his money in this so nation he calls corrupt. If it is so corrupt why does he live here? Go back home!
Unlike Americans Chinese, regardless of where they live, have a sense of pride and affiliation to their motherland. Chan sees it exactly as it is. He's not wearing rose or blue glasses. The great Cultural Revolution is on its way - don't get caught in the re-education camps.
Dai Muff
He's wearing red glasses. With a touch of green, the color of money.
China is an ideological nebulous. the communist power leeches off of the capitalist quarter and the respect for life and liberty is non-existant. I'll take America and prosecute those who are corrupt over a super powerful government whose objective is to break the individual and force him to submit to the insect like colony agenda.
The Great coltural revolution has already occured in China and 50 million people are dead because of it.
It would be interesting if Jackie Chan can point out who it is making the argument that America has no corruption. I've lived in America most of my life and have also had the good fortune to live several years in parts of both Europe and Asia. I enjoy discussing politics and rarely turn down the opportunity to engage others in respectful dialog no matter their views. Never have I heard anyone argue that America is without corruption. What a pathetic straw-man for Chan to pull out of thin air.
As for America being the most corrupt in all the world, exactly how is such a thing measured? Does having the strongest military equate to being the most corrupt and if so, why? This is little more than empty nationalist chest thumping on Chan's part. It's somewhat depressing to realize the show biz ignorati are not confined to LA and New York but are a truly an international infestation.
Jackie Chan is probably the most skillfully observant, honest human on the planet.
So is David Dukes.
Why is it people get offended by negative comments from Chan or Li; yet a true scumbag like Obama denigrates America and goes on world wide apology tour, and the liberal media pretends nothing happened?!!
The reality is, America is on the edge of dropping into a very ugly abyss; one that may very well result in a second civil war that will make the first look like a cake walk. If our Government can't pull it's head out of it's a$$ and get it's fiscal house in order.... we may all find our selves wishing for the good ole-days of the great depression.
When is mighty mouse is going to come and save us all from all this tyranny???
HOW IS HE WRONG EXACTLY? Saying TRUE but NEGATIVE things is why we can't solve any of our problems. If you don't believe America is corrupt, you are just ANTI-REALITY, don't blame the whistleblower.
How is he wrong? Are you serious?
He is wrong in the fact that "America is the most corrupt", the statement is so ridiculously stupid and ignorant it is scary that people like you don't see it.
Of course there is corruption here, that isn't up for debate.. what is up for debate is "the most corrupt part".
He left a country that kills female children and sets its own currency value, the corruption in Chinese government is endless....
Then we can go on to the numerous countries run by warlords... russia.... etc... etc... the list goes on and on.
I hope he flees our corruption and goes and lives in Somalia.. perhaps he can see some real corruption..
Only a Socialist Progressive could say that the current US administration is not corrupt. They are corrupt to the core, even refusing to protect American embassies, ambassadors and citizens.
If it doesn't involve using drugs, taking away citizens rights, golf, vacationing, dining or shopping, it's not important enough to warrant bothering with.
If you measure corruption in dollars, then the US is probably the most corrupt, at least, since Obama took office. Billions handed out to "select" corporations, to bail out unions and bankrupt the original owners (stockholders). Billions handed to the scam artists in the "green" energy markets because they fund democrat elections and make billions from the fabricated "global warming" fraud. Billions in revenue of companies like google, ignored for taxes, while their CEOs romp around the White House, and are considered for cabinet posts. Billions handed to corporatists who's CEOs bundle millions for democrat election campaigns, and who ship jobs right over to Jackie's China, while holding positions such as "Jobs Czar" for Obama.
Corruption? You bet.
"During the show, Chan also claimed that Chinese people should only criticise China among their own people, and not to foreigners." By his own words, he needs to shut up.
I think people likes to criticize to foreigners, during conversations, but what good does it do ? It's merely chit-chatting in a cafe.
If you start criticizing to your own countrymen, there is the possibility of it being done or dealt with.
This sentence : To outsiders, [we should say], 'our country is the best'
I don't agree with its literal meaning. Everywhere in this world, there are specific problems. Nowhere is free of problems. To say your own country is the best, is probably a good thing for the Chinese. The Chinese seems to always have lack of self-confidence anyway.
Maybe Jackie would be happy to stop having his movies SHOWN IN THE U.S.
Go back to china and live on your knees, you freaking hypocrite.
After this last election it seems undeniably true. Hate to admit it but Jackie might right. Sold our birthright for free condoms.
Dai Muff
If you don't like democracy, move somewhere without it. China welcomes you.
Jet Li isn't too sweet on the U.S. either, but these two fools sure love American money padding their bank accounts.
Ok you either side with the us government or you don't. Where is the falsehood in his statement? People complain daily that our country is going down the tubes. Gun rights, fiscal cliff, ect, ect....how is he wrong? This government is rediculously corrupt as is the banking and media systems. I applaud him for his comments. Until our government is returned to the people we will never know truth and true liberty. I think everyone is hating on his comments because he is Chinese, not because he is wrong.
Firstly, 'all-ya'll' are knee-jerk reacting to a sound bite, which needs quite a bit of background, before it can be processed in an intelligent manner. (Just like your public school education has programmed to do.) This statement is virtually meaningless until you know EXACTLY what motivated him to say what he did, before you have enough information to cheer him on, or crucify him - depending on your political leanings.
Secondly, as a 'standalone' comment it is NOT, wrong; or, at least a whole lot closer to being right on a whole lot of levels. Viewing America from the top down - Obama SHOULD have been impeached the first several times he circumvented congress, and the fact that he hasn't even been brought up on charges is as "corrupt" as a government can get. Viewing from the bottom up, individuals are voting in favor of all this corruption, so they apparently are as guilty themselves of corruption as those for whom they have voted. (Not me, Of course).
Thirdly, if he is just spouting Red China Communist rhetoric, then whatever he is saying needs to taken with a huge grain of salt.
I, too, would be ashamed of being in a lousy Karate Kid remake.
That's why JChan is a comedian. America has not issued one child policies killing off girls and causing a lopsided effect in Her genders. America has not killed 49-78,000,000 of Her own people like >Mao Ze-Dong (China, 1958-61 and 1966-69, Tibet 1949-50). So, tell me again how America is more corrupt than China? Is America corrupt, Yes! Not more so then China. I do believe it has become more corrupt in these past years.
As far as complaining about your own country to foreigners, is funny. What if no one complained about Hitler or Stalin?
JChan is very ignorant in my opinion.
Very disappointing to learn the Jackie suffers from the same acute inferiority complex as the Chicoms. He's equating the US with a kleptocracy that condemns prisoners to harvest transplant organs for party big shots. Patriotism is one thing. Blind jingosim and cowardly sucking up is another. Very disappointed.
Thanks for another narrow minded view by an unintelligent celebrity. Please stick to acting Jackie, though you really aren't good at that either. I can count all your movies I've seen on one hand with fingers left over.
You opinion is noted and deemed irrelevant and base-less. You are a ****-bag.
were living in the end times---bible prophecy must be fullfiled---the corruption we have in our world today, must be---and until [christ returns] will only get worse and worse
gods son christ jesus died on the cross for our sins so that by believing in him we can have life...belief in christ cometh from the father through the hearing of his words them that are in the bible
While I may not like what he said, I am not quite sure how to dispute it. Especially when I look at our government leaders.
Jackie it can't be so! Obama tells us he's the best president we ever had. Hillary Clinton is the best Secretary of State we every had. Eric Holder is the most honest, even handed, fair Attorney General in the history of the civilized world. They're all so much smarter than we are and truly, they know best.
By the way, Obama says if you contribute $1 million to his inaugural he'll get you VIP seats
He meant the Obama administration is the most corrupt in the world.
Oh the USA has been corrupt since any of us, including Obama, were born. Go back the 1500s for this country and start there. It has never been UN-corrupt.
I wonder if he said this without realizing that his words would be translated, or read by Americans. I can proudly say that I've not spent one nickel to see any of his movies....nor will I ever.Now if you stop and think about it, most of Hollywood would talks badly about America as well, yet no one seems to care.
There is no America. The Constitution is dead. Rogue elements of the CIA and military industrial complex took over this country when they killed JFK. So there is nothing for you to vehemently defend, Hollywood is part of the same corrupt globalist system.
You should really watch Jackie Chan movies, Rumble in the Bronx is the ****
Why people actually give a rat's a$$ about an actor's politics, who have a bloated sense of reality, is beyond me. Hey, Jackie! Go live in Beijing and we'll see if you'll still be saying the same thing. Hong Kong is a far crime from the corruption of Beijing!
Considering the current administration in the US; the manner in which Obamacare was passed; how Obama is violating existing law and running amok with "executive orders"; and crooks like Pelosi and Reid.....Chan has a very good point.
But, it is interesting that Chan would make the comments as he is somewhat despised by his fellow countrymen. Perhaps an attempt to mend fences at home?
Corrupt?- Don't know but you are still a bit more likely to end up with the government of China killing your for poor citizenship than the united states. But with our own communists in control, just give us time.
Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya, you no-talent washed up old hose bag.
How is he washed up? He's made like thousand movies. I consider that pretty darnn successful by any standards. I think the problem is it stinks to be you because you can't be brave enough to acknowledge the corruption of the US.
The only possible comment is " ...and I should care about an aging actor's opinion WHY?"
We, the American people are not corrupt. What is corrupt is the demoncrap party and the bommunist administration, as communists always are. The averare WORKING (not demoncrap gimme takers) American is a man or woman of integrity and honest.
gordonstyles69 and others make a great point - many countries have politicians colluding with big businesses which in turn drive their systems. This perspective re-defines the term 'structural corruption'. I used to think that African countries, China etc. had this structural problem. In fact, structural corruption defined by above is almost found every where. The worst case is potentially in the 'developed' world because the implication is so far-reaching. In contrast (and in relative terms), corruption in China may appear to be endemic, petty, though serious, like others.
If this hypocritical **** hates America so much, let him start making his MILLIONS of $$$$$$$$ in some other country.
Robert Allen
In context, Chan was refering to the administration, NOT to his movie going audience.
Wth is up with him lately? Is he trying to score brownie points with Chinese authorities or something? This is a man who was born in Hong Kong and has profited greatly from the HK political structure under British rule and now condemns both it and Hollywood....both of which enriched him and made him alot of money.
obama and his cronies are corrupt beyond belief- obama rolls down hill.
Somebody tell Chan that we have never hidden the facts concerning corruption in this nation from being in our history books going back to the 1780's.
He has made a ton of money from the American customers for his silly "action" films. If he'd like to say a quiet "Thank you," that will be okay. Anything else, he should just zip his pie hole closed and stay in his blessed ChiCom homeland.
Dangerous corruption is evident when decisions are made by politicians that are not logical. The US Banking Industry, with help from the City of London, brought the entire financial world to its knees and plunged us into a long-term global recession. Straight and true politicians would have immediately taken steps to heavily regulate the banks to ensure that they can never over lend to all the wrong people ever again. After bailing out all of their Wall Street and City mates, what actually happened was more of the same light-touch regulation which will ultimately lead to yet another huge crash in 15 to 20 years time. That is corruption.
The fundamental problem of control over the volume of money supply and its allocation has not been addressed - why? Political corruption is why.
Whilst the banks have the public privilege to invent money out of thin air and lend it to whomever they see fit, then the world will suffer from boom and bust. It should be government that decides how much money exists and to whom it is lent. The closest large example of that is China. China is the only large country on earth that controls the total volume of money supply.
China may have a huge problem with corruption; but at least it is dealing with it. The type of political corruption that exists in the USA and UK damages the prospects of every person in the country because the politicians allow the financiers to rule the roost. And that is why I live in China now.
I am very dismayed by Chan's comments. The American public has embraced him and his movies. If our country is so corrupt, then he should donate all the money he earned here in the USA to the charity of his choice. As far as I am concerned, he's been added to my list of actors I no longer support and who will no longer benefit from my money.
If his movies still made money in the US I am sure he would tell another story. It is obvious there will be no Rush Hour 4. you can go back to making 2nd rate Raiders of the Lost Ark rip offs Jackie.
Jackie Chan is delusional. yes the United States has corruption at the very TOP of government, but at the local levels, in business, in the police force, there is absolutely NOT the level of corruption as china has. We don't have slave labor, we don't force homeowners out of their homes and land with violence, we don't have re-education camps, we don't have policemen who can arrest you for anything and put you in jail without a trial, we don't have to bribe local officials to do honest business, china has all of those problems and more.Jackie is ridiculous.
But Jackie, you still like the American dollar don't you?
So go back to china and leave my country!
Sadly, especially after this most recent election where a slight majority of voters chose free stuff over freedom to re-elect the dictator Obama and his very corrupt cronies, I have to agree. Our overlords are corrupt and most of the voters are intellectually lazy, low-information parasites.
I am so proud of him in telling the truth.
It starts with the Whitehouse and right down the street to Congress.
I believe that we need a law that requires all Congressmen and their staff to take lie detectors just like the FBI or Secret Service agents are required when fraud or misuse or abuse of power is questioned.
Time to tell the truth
Yeah, we have corruption. Name me some place that doesn't. But he did make a bit of money here. So it looks like another dumbass celebrity that I can just not bother to watch in the movies.
Why get mad a Chan. He's absolutely right. If you're mad at him, then you're not seeing what's happening to our Country.
He's not right... at the Federal level of government in the United states there is alot of corruption and deception.. yes.... but there is no where near the levels of general corruption in every facet of life that a person faces in china, the rich and politicians in China get away with everything, that is not the case in the United states.
I agree with Jackie; our politicians do nothing but feather their own nests and enhance their own power at the cost of the voters' money and liberty, and 90% of the population have sunk into a mire of immorality of all kinds, thinking of nothing but how to gouge the other guy and use other people for pleasure and profit. It makes me sick. Tell 'em, Jackie!
He should stop hanging out in the District of Corruption.
So China, running sweat shops where the workers are forced to work 16 hour days, 7 days a week and face prison time if they fail to show up, is less corrupt than the US? Jackie, open your eyes. The US isn't perfect but we don't have the open slavery that China does.
The optics of the national debt do indeed look better.
It's difficult to argue with Chan's remarks regarding the corruption in the U.S. when you consider that there has never been any accounting for the billions of dollars generated by illegal drugs that have gone into many pockets north of the Mexican border. Over the past 50 years it has been one of the most protected sources of income in the world.
Lol.... I do not think he has anything against our founding principles. What he says is so true. Most of our policy is not in the interest of all but a select few. Matter of fact, all policy today is nothing more than tyranny.
As to -
"... Jackie Chan has once again sparked controversy by branding America the world's "most corrupt" country... ".
Disagree with wording - America is more like one of the most corrupt countries in the world... and this includes China & Russia & Mexico & Argentina & ****ia & etc...
Maybe this jackass should go back to china and see how he does there. Don't care if he was born here or not. he made all his money here, but that's ok. Says Us is most corrupt? go home and don't bother coming back. Leave your money that you made here, see how you do in your native country.
Though I am from the Bruce Lee era, and Jackie would have had his **** handed to him, he speaks the truth but the majority of my country are dumb down idiotic wasted degenerates that can't handle the truth as Jack once said.....
Unites States corrupt ! Say it`s not so !
Don't let the door hit you in the ****.
I recall reading a story about a month ago concerning a chinese citizen who was upset because the government was seizing his property for the benefit of the "greater good". So upset that he laid in front of the huge road grating machinery the government had brought in to protest.
The government official ordered the operator to run him over. Murdered the man without compunction. The Chinese government routinely murders it's citizens for little to no reason.
I can't remember the last time an American citizen was ran over
with heavy machinery because the government wanted his property.
But I agree with Jackie to a point. We have a Democratic President. They tend to murder people under the guise of law.
So what is the bone of contention ? American government and culture is extremely corrupt. It is
the latest evolution of " corporatism, wherein, tax monies are skimmed off the economy for defense
industrial and banking elites, **** over the population-at-large. The CIA killed JFK and engineered the Twin Towers attack. As Kennedy noted, " We should break the CIA into a million
pieces ". I think that goews for the financial system and the federal agencies that have failed to
administer the law over the system.
Chan should have clarified his statement by saying our politicans were the most corrupt in the world not the country itself. Obama is running a criminal enterprise out of the White House.
I agree with Mr Chan. Those **** in Washington can't even past an emergency relief package for the hurricane Sandy victims without lining their pockets with pork. How many of these elected officials go to "serve" in Washington and when they leave they're millionaires. Talk about corrupt how many laws like healthcare do they past that they are not required to live under. From Detroit, Chicago, Cleveland to DC and these cities are corrupt?
The lack of intellect of JC is truly astounding. His lack of integrity (being a serial philanderer) and acting skills (other than the oh so predictable kung fool walk walking moves) surprisingly did not hurt his box office power. This now **** lick apologist of the repressive (but it belongs to us) regime now show his real character - someone who has no shame or conscience, when his bank account is concerned. I would be totally shocked if his latest blatant and despicable "made in China" rants would garner him deeper audience support in China - perhaps only among the CPC sponsored crowd - which is dwindling by the day. Not only has the man displayed his total sense of decency (in deriding democracies), he is also showing extreme poor business sense (unless we are not aware of submarine $ largess being bestowed on him by the CPC) since his future box office for sure will suffer, in both the Western world, and China. Kicked once in the head one too many time ?
Wow! I am amazed! Jackie Chan is actually awake and educated. The sheople who disagree are ignorant and uneducated. There is no argument. That statement is the truth. Sorry sheople.
Oh "sheople"! Come on now. You are as arrogant as you are ignorant, yet you think yourself to be "educated". "Education" counts for NOTHING if what you are taught is GARBAGE...
John Smith
well DUH...look who the "leader" is...of course its corrupt beyond words
I agree with Mr.Chan 100% but most people hate the truth....
Yep, China from 1946 - to present have murdered well over 100 million of their citizens.
Mao Zedong is/was a saint . Just ask the 100 plus dead chinese
Mike Anderson
^ wu jiao club
The TRUTH is China has murdered, is continuing to murder, enslaved, and continuing to enslave TENS OF MILLIONS OF IT'S OWN PEOPLE. All while being sworn to our demise.
How about if you and Chan go volunteer your services for the government of that paradise?
I'm not the only American that will never again spend one cent on anything this idiotic ingrate is involved in.
Hey Jackie see how well your movies sell in US now dummy!!
Mr. Chan should think before he speaks. This country is no more corrupt than most others, depending on what you are doing. In his field, I would bet that mr. Chan has not directly confronted much corruption. As far as comparing the US to China, I would think that in Communist countries, the level of corruption is much higher, although to admit it may have serious consequences for Mr Chan. He has gotten a great career with a lot of benefits from the general population of this country. He may quickly engender their wrath and may seriously damage his career if he continues his opinions. In this country, you have freedom of speech and every right to speak what's on your mind. But the American public also has the right to show their displeasure and boycott his movies.
I do not agree with Mr. Max Fisher as he claimed that Mr. Chan “as "anti-American" and a reflection of China's insecurity about itself.” By the way Mr. Fisher, Mr. Chan’s expression is protected by our First Amendment to the US constitution. I agree with some of Mr. Chan’s arguments. Every country has some type of corruption. The United States has lesser corruption compare with third World countries.
Any forms of corruptions are no different from normal criminals, it does not matter if it is bribery, extortion, embezzlement, drug traf****, money laundering, or human traf****. Corruption is core poverty and corruption affects the poor by diverting resources and holding back development, such as reducing economic growth, the progressively of the tax system, the level and effectiveness of social programs, and perpetuating an unequal distribution of asset ownership and unequal access to education, etc. The United States and western countries should not provide a safe heaven and hospitality for the world most corrupt politicians and government officials from Third Would countries.
Jennie PC Chiang/江佩珍 12/28/12 美國
Jackie Chan is so selfish.Just for his own popularity in China he insults another country.Has he thought about how Americans would view Chinese after reading this? Typical Chinese who only thinks of himself. He is à second rated actor who did not manage to make big money in USA and now he is hoping to make back the money he lost in Lehman collapse from China. What a bimbo.
I am sure, like his movies, that was meant to be funny.
everybody is just being themselves.
Yes, America has a lot of corrupt practices by politicians and corporations. BUT at least the citizens can write and report it, expose it and let it be put out in the open for others to judge. See what happened when the NY Times and Bloomberg wrote about "Grandpa" Wen Jiabao and Xi Jinping family wealth? Shut down in China. And Bloomberg is a financial news source that is important to businesses in the new so-called "financial center of Asia" (Shanghai).
Another thing...I don't think guys like Obama or even the Republican leadership could have gotten OBSCENELY wealthy through insider trading and power manipulation the way Wen and family did.
Jackie Chan is entitled to his opinion but it does not represent ours. He's always saying things that are so unintelligent. No need to take him seriously.
IT's sad to see a fading celebrity desperately cling on to any last vestige of fame...especially by becoming a sycophant of a totalitarian government. He's NOT even a Chinese citizen, having sold out a long time ago!!
I agree with Jackie Chan. America's politicians are controlled by rich Jewish businessmen and Military Contractors. They won't and cannot stop the war in Afghanistan as the politicians have to listen to the contractors who fund all their campaigns; democracy in the US, in my opinion, is even worse than dictatorship. Also, Susan Lindauer, a former CIA Asset was thrown into jail for 5 years for uncovering the CIA's involvement in the September 11th attacks. The CPC has never blown up an entire building full of it's own people in order to go to war with another country and steal their oil. Therefore, I believe Jackie Chan has a point.
Neither has the U.S. "blown up an entire building of it's own people." Incredible that you can believe fairy tales about 9/11 and other lies about the U.S., but the historical facts about the murder of 50 million Chinese at the hands of their own government doesn't seem to bother you. Hypocrisy and insanity at the same time. Pathetic.
As I have asked many a liberal in the past, I ask you - Where is all of the oil we stole from Iraq and Afghanistan?
Leave the word Jewish off and I will agree with you. You are a racist.
Maybe you should look into the 49-78,000,000 that Mao killed. China also has a one child policy, effectively killing off more girls than boys and killing a lot more children than America ever dreamed. America is corrupt but not like China.
Hi, guy, you may have some misunderstanding towards him, he did not tell the point which you just mention that is not his intention to speak up the reality both in America and China, you know that he is a man with no brain and uneducated , he makes nonsenses all the time , we can look back what comments he made in the past , he is a clown and profiteer .
True...CPC just lets millions of its own people starve to death while it gives away grain to Soviet Union and countries in Africa and Latin America....
Chan is sometimes just a farce at best.
He can't be taken seriously on his comments as reported.
What he is doing is to to encourage Chinese to keep up the good work of "corrupting", we are not so bad by comparison. Non sense. He either had not done biz in China or he had his own way of doing biz there handling corruption.
He speaks directly and straightly out of his heart with instinct, hunch and deja vu. At the very least, he believes in his words.
Your sarcasm is very apt!
Yet again Jackie Chan prostitutes himself to sell a few movies........
Big movie being released in China, so he is pimping himself as a good son of the Middle Kingdom and the Party. Next time out it will be a movie in the US and he will be pimping himself as an international star whose comments were taken out of context and then throw in a couple of faux kung fu moves for the cameras. Do you take your political advice from an action movie actor? If they want him to say "be good little children and do what the party tells you" he will.
Nothing more than a joker as portraited in all his movies:(
I always take what Jackie Chan says with a pinch of salt. Afterall, we all know this illiterate guy is pea-brained.
Jackie, oh dear, what are you doing for your own people? Stating that these problems should only be spoken about behind closed doors simply reveals there are deep problems in China that needs to be solve, and if the government is doing nothing about it, they must take it to the watching world. To encourage other Chinese citizens to only express false statements such as ‘our country is best’ when there is still so much abuse of human rights, people’s freedoms, and infested corruption does nothing to help solve these problems – only by making them transparent and clear to the whole world will pressure be put onto the government to actually do something about it. Sounds like Jackie has become a docile puppet to the CCP. Jackie, please educate yourself in world affairs before expressing your opinions and embarrassing yourself to the international community.
Could it be he loves America and is trying to wake people up here and at the same time not shoot himself in the foot with the Chinese heads of state? He is obviously a very smart man to have achieved what he has with his life. Maybe he assumes we are smart enough to see what he is saying is true and not be so offended that we fail to see he is in a precarious position because of his international status.
Big Deal.....
Jackie Chan is entitled to his opinion (Shallow as it may be...), the SCMP is entitled to publish it.
The person(s) out of place are the Washington Post and their thin-skinned blogger who interpret this opinion as the emerging Gospel for Greater China. Does the educated World take notice of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears' views on China's evolution as a Superpower!?
Dai Muff
Sadly, Jackie Chan knows exactly what xenophobic insecurity he is appealing to. And he knows it works. The most interesting thing is that his recent behaviour is a very clear indication that hew knows his career has hit a wall anywhere except the mainland.
I have seen some documentary by Jackie Chan on "My Hong Kong", please destroy it and never show again. Perhaps have him to make one on "MY CHINA". Jackie Chan said this in the interview ~ "During the show, Chan also claimed that Chinese people should only criticise China among their own people, and not to foreigners...... We [can] talk about it when the door is closed. To outsiders, [we should say], 'our country is the best'," he advised.
One doesn't go to a movie stuntman for deep insights into anything. He didn't make his fame and fortune by exercising his brain cells.
I always was under the impression Jackie Chan was a "real" Hong Kong person, meaning being born and raised in Hong Kong and having the Hong Kong spirit. Reading about his comments in recent weeks I had to come to the conclusion that I must have been mistaken. Or did he go to Beijing and had the privilege of first-hand National Education ?


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